The Top Five Minor Adventures in Odyssey Characters

So for this top five list I’m going to leave out the main characters such as Whit, Jason, Connie, Eugene, Wooton, and Penny. So here you go, Here are the top five minor Adventures in Odyssey Characters.

5.  Matthew Parker.


Matthew Parker, Currently being voiced by Justin Felbinger, is one of my personal favorites. He first appeared in The Inspiration station parts 1 and 2. He is smart, kind, and just a little mischievous when it comes to playing with gadgets. From making his dad’s GPS thinking its in Saskatchewan to accidentally deleting all of his sister’s shows he can be a little mischievous. But he is also very clever when he is solving perplexing mysteries with Emily Jones.

4. Harlow Doyle, Private Eye.


Harlow, currently being voiced by Will Ryan, is Odyssey’s very own private eye taking on cases such as A Girl’s Lost Faith and Looking for Destructo Agents. He first appeared in Harlow Doyle, Private Eye. He is not the brightest but is sure to make us laugh. He is by far the closest you can get to Wooton.

3.Camilla Parker.


Camilla Parker, currently being voiced by Michaela Dean, is apart of the loved Parker family. She first appeared in The Inspiration station Parts 1 and 2. Though her and Olivia fight sometimes, they always work it out in the end. She is energetic about sports, animals, and Whit’s end. Out of all the AIO characters, I would say that she is one of the most relatable.

2.Bernard Walton.


Bernard, voiced by Dave Madden, is Odyssey’s best and only window washer, making smart quips along the way. He is one of Odyssey’s best story tellers by far, telling kids Bible stories and tricking kids on April fools day. He first appeared in By Any Other Name.  He is surprisingly related to the one and only, Eugene Meltsner. He is one of my personal favorites because when he is in an episode, he always makes you laugh.

1. Jay Smouse.


Jay Smouse, voiced by Whit Hertford, is by far the best character. He first appeared in Target Of The Week. He always makes you laughing uncontrollably by the end of the episode. From teaching kids the I-ings to starring in zombie movies, Jay always seems to be doing something interesting.

Well that was Top Five Adventures in Odyssey  Characters. I hope you enjoyed it!

If you have any feedback or tips please make sure to say something in the comments below, or email me at And thank you again for taking time to read this.


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