OAC Season 3 Review

Well, it’s the end of the year, and with the end of a year comes the end of another OAClub season. This year’s season includes the following episodes:

Adventure 25: The Journal of John Avery Whittaker
Adventure 26: Walk This Way
Adventure 27: When One Door Closes, PT 1
Adventure 28: When One Door Closes, PT 2
Adventure 29: The Good Soil
Adventure 30: Things Not Seen
Adventure 31: The Boat People, PT 1
Adventure 32: The Boat People, PT 2
Adventure 33: A Predicament of Biblical Proportions
Adventure 34: A Forgiving Heart
Adventure 35: Where Your Treasure Is
Adventure 36: Un-Tech the Halls

Best Episode (According to AIOWiki ratings): A Predicament of Biblical Proportions (97/100)
Best Episode (According to my rating): A Predicament of Biblical Proportions (9/10)

A Predicament of Biblical Proportions was a fun, imaginative way of talking about Bring Your Bible To School Day, and the fact that you don’t have to do it in order to be a servant of God. It introduced Buddy Norman who will be appearing in AOClub Season 4.

Second Best Episode: (According to AIOWiki ratings): Walk This Way (94/100)
Second Best Episode: (According to my rating): When One Door Closes, PT. 1 (8.9/10)

Walk This Way was a great episode about inner beauty over outer appearance, featuring Eugene, Connie, Wooton, and Whit, I personally think it is second to When One Door Closes because I felt like Walk This Way crammed a little too much into the episode time. However, it had a great and not-so-predicable ending, a good moral, and our favorite characters of all time. My rating is 8.7/10.

When One Door Closes Pt. 1 is better in my personal opinion because of the slice of life in a different culture through a unique way. It featured the most epic music I have ever heard on an Odyssey show, the most epic beginning I’ve ever heard on an Odyssey show, and an adventure in “Aljanistan” that I was not soon to forget. However, part 2 was less than it should have been, which may explain why overall fan ratings put this episode at a much lower place. AIOWiki rating is 85/100.

Worst Episode: (According to AIOWiki ratings): Where Your Treasure Is (67/100)
Worst Episode: (According to my rating): A Forgiving Heart (6/10)

Where Your Treasure Is is an episode that was written upon the partnership with AWANA for the month of November. Surprisingly enough it was written by Nathan Hoobler, who until now has written some very well done episodes. It is about memorizing Bible verses because you never know when you will need them next. My personal opinion is that the Bible was taken too casually (even though it was a Room of Consequence adventure), throwing out verses willy-nilly like magic spells that set stuff on fire and cause earthquakes. That is not what the Bible is, though it did drive home the point that you should memorize Bible verses. My rating is 7.5/10 because it was well-written and it did get to the point of the episode quickly.

A Forgiving Heart wasn’t that great in my opinion. It was about Renee Carter (A character recently introduced in Season 3) and her aunt, who moves into Odyssey and works on starting a veterinary clinic. Renee’s aunt (who is nicknamed Bepat) is going to have an opening day celebration, but the festivities are threatened by a man who claims that Bepat murdered his dogs.
Spoiler Alert: Highlight text below to read the rest of this section
As it turns out, Bepat did murder the dogs, though it seemed to me that it was never dealt with. She never was sorry, never repaid the man, and yet she is made out to be the victim after the crazed man drives his car right into the window of the veterinary clinic, attempting to run Bepat over. He will most likely be sentenced to prison for life.
The entire drama over pets is something I really can’t relate to, and as much as I like Renee Carter, I can’t relate to the fact that she became an atheist because her dog died. That just seems stupid to me. Which is something we found out in this episode and another reason that this episode is the worst (in my opinion) out of the whole season. AIOWiki rating: 79/100


My last comments have to do with Things Not Seen, as the most surprising episode of the year. It was hectic, it was fun, it was ridiculously surprising in two ways near the end, it introduced the great character of Renee Carter. My overall rating for this episode is 7.9/10, AIOWiki ratings are 87/100.



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