Top 5 Adventures In Odyssey Easter eggs.

On the surface AIO episodes are just audio dramas but there are many easter eggs hidden within the scripts. An Easter egg is an intentional inside joke, hidden message, or feature in an interactive work such as a computer program, video game or DVD menu screen. The name is used to evoke the idea of a traditional Easter egg hunt. So here you go, here are the Top 5 Adventures In Odyssey Easter eggs.


5. The Ceiling Fan?


In the episode The Pilot, part 2 Eugene approaches Connie and asks why she is crying. He then says ” Is this about the ceiling fan incident?”  The writers snuck this in as a reference to the AIO podcast, The Ceiling Fan Podcast, which could make anyone cry. If you would like to listen to the Ceiling Fan podcast, click on this link here The Ceiling Fan is a audio drama inspired by AIO. If you would like to learn more, click on the link above.

4. Brendan McFarland The Mc…….cheater!?


In album 57, A Call To Something More, there is an episode titled Repent After Me. What happens is Barrett initially refuses to cheat when he gets an e-mail promising answers to a test. However, upon seeing the potential consequences of failure, he second-guesses his decision. When Barrett, Olivia, and Emily find the laptop containing the list of cheaters. Emily starts reading off a list of people who cheated. She starts reading, “Austin Winslow, $20.00 science, Brendan McFarland $10.00 History.” These come off as ordinary names, no importance right? Well Austin Winslow to my knowledge isn’t important but Brendan McFarland is a different story. Brendan is a host of the Whit’s End Podcast under the name Regis Blackbeard. The Whits End podcast ran for eight years, it hasn’t been active since May but they haven’t officially shut it down.

3. Communicate! Communicate!

The episode Out of the Woods in Album 59 contains preparations for the Let’s Get Together Festival. When Eugene is showing Detective Polehaus the things he has done to get ready, he turns on a tape player that plays a sound byte of the rap song Communicate!. Detective Polehaus says “You’ll wanna change that,” a reference to the writer’s embarrassment on creating the song. It appears in the episode Lights Out at Whit’s End, and has remained a lost episode until a few years ago because it’s very embarrassing to the writers.

2. Too much Chocolate!


In album 34, In Your Wildest Dreams, there is an episode titled I Slap Floor. For a brief summary click here  In this episode, Edwin golden_eggBlackgaard approaches Whit and asks if he can use some costume from the little theater to put on a Willy Wonka show. Whit asks him why Willy Wonka, its not very Shakespearian. Edwin Blackgaard simply says “Well I was watching television, when I stumbled upon what I believe is called a ‘situational comedy’. There was this wonderful piece where two women were working in a candy factory and trying to place the candy in boxes as it was coming out on a conveyor belt. It was most delightful seeing them get behind and trying to pack it into their mouths.” Yep, he is describing the most famous episode from one of the most successful comedies, I Love Lucy. The clip can be seen here:

1. The Doctor’s in Odyssey.


Nope not the Doctor with the big blue box but the Doctor with all the books and a big foundation. Yep, it’s Doctor Dobson, the founder of Focus On The Family. In album 13, It All Started When, there’s an episode titled Dobson Comes to Town. To see a brief summary click on the link right here This episode just broke down the fourth wall and started smashing it to bits and pieces. First of all Dobson is actually in this episode! And they don’t make a casual story and give Dobson a different name as a character, they call him Dobson and reference to his books and everything. Then after all of that they do more, they don’t just talk about Dobson, they directly reference to the animated AIO series! Then to end the episode, Whit sticks him in the imagination station and tells Connie and Eugene that he has to go back to Focus On The Family! This episode was a crazy one, chock-full of references, partially due to marketing the animated video series.

That was Top 5 Adventures In Odyssey Easter eggs. Thank you for reading this.

If you have any feedback, tips, or another easter egg please make sure to say something in the comments below, or email me (Luke) or the editor (Naomi) at And thank you again for taking time to read this.

Bonus points if you found this article’s easter egg! Hint, its a actual easter egg, a golden one.


3 thoughts on “Top 5 Adventures In Odyssey Easter eggs.

  1. Dude I just found another Easter egg that I wish I put in there! In the episode No Bones About It, Bart Rathbone just sold the land that he bought and he is watching the T and V and the new reporter is talking to the man that bought the land. The conversation goes like this.

    Old man: Well


  2. Jed, the old man: Well I’m just a pour mountainnear you know and I can barely kept my family fed. Well one day when I was shooting at some food and out comes a bubbling crood.

    New Reporter: Oil that is.

    Jed, old man: Yep! Texas tea. Black gold. Well oh before you know it old Jeb’s a millionaire!

    Bart: Whaaa!

    Some of you may have recognised that. That phrase is from the Tv show Beverly Hillbillys. That is at the start of the theme song.


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