Review of “Fathers And Sons”

WARNING: Spoilers ahead. Click the “Read More” button to read the article, or listen to the podcast form.

Writing this review literally five minutes after I listened to it for the first time. Though it takes me 20 minutes to write it.

OK I’m just gonna say it right off the bat. Did I call it? NO. Was this episode what I expected it to be? NO. Was it better than I expected it to be? Unfortunately, no.

Jason and his father, and uncle Wilson Knox are going to go fishing.  I expected it to be a slice-of-life character dev of Wilson camping trip episode. Instead, Jason cancels, because he has to go take care of this warehouse and move stuff from the antique shop into it.

All right. It’s official. J and J and J antiques. Triple J antiques. Unfortunately it’s technically J antiques because both Jack and Joanne unofficially died.

I was thinking, was this estate sale stuff a throwback to what they mentioned in The Ties That Bind?

At the beginning of the mystery, the Morse code thing threw me a little bit, but the ‘treasure riddle’ when it mentioned look within and all that I was like Bible. I called it. Totally. I am awesome, or a way more likely story is that it was way too predictable.

I wasn’t impressed with either of the actors for the cousin and the brother. The cousin sounded too forced in the beginning and then when the brother comes in he also sounds too forced.

When Jason mentioned the dates on the calendar and he sounded kind of freaked out, I was like, SOMETHING TO DO WITH JERRY?smile

Aw dang nope. Moving on with my life, Jerry doesn’t have nine lives like Jason does. I want to hear a mystery involving Jerry’s legacy or something.

OK and then they find a Bible. Brother guy: Get. A. Life. Seriously. Way too over-dramatic, even after he finds the deed for the car. And then lo and behold after he leaves there’s treasure in the Bible you idiot! That was actually a nice endcap, I was not expecting that, I was expecting it to be a redo of countless other episodes where the Bible is your true treasure. Which it is. But it was nice that they gave us something different for once.

They are prepping us for when they make Whit die, I’m convinced. What is all this Jason is worried about Whit’s health? What is all this WITH Whit’s health?? HE’S GONNA DIE!! AND IT WILL MAKE FOR AN AWESOME 14-PART EPISODE! He leaves a legacy of mystery and intrigue and we get another Novacom! Kill off Whit!!

Ok so my final rating for this episode is like 7/10. I wasn’t impressed with the actors, the story (though it was definitely not what I expected) was kind of… eh. So who the heck is that on the cover? My predictions have failed again, however we still will get a rather grand finale I think.

EDIT: Duh that’s probably Wilson on the cover.


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