My Top Five Personal Favorite AIO Episodes!

Ok, this list is going to be extremely hard because there are so many good AIO episodes. I know that some people will not agree with my list, and may think that other episodes were better, but that’s ok because this is from my personal view. Also for this list we will include 2 and 3 parters. Here you go, here are the My Top Five Personal Favorite AIO Episodes!

5. It Happened At Four Corners.


Bernard is interrupted in the middle of a story when a car crashes in front of them. He and Eugene go investigate and soon go off on a wild treasure hunt. For a deeper description, click here First I’ll say this: It’s Eugene and Bernard. It’s going to be hilarious. The writers for AIO like to do this kind of story where all these unbelievable events happen but you find out that it’s just a dream, or just a story. They also did this in Push The Red Button. Not only is It Happened At Four Corners hilarious, but also has a good moral. The moral is obviously don’t let greed take over your life. My favorite scene would definitely be where Eugene and Bernard are trying not to fall asleep in the hotel.

Note: For that good old easter egg, Novacom Rules The Earth, which is also ridiculous, click here:

4. The Key Suspects.


The Jones And Parker Detective Agency meets its match with a perplexing case involving open lockers and a rival detective! Ah, the Jones And Parker mystery episodes are always the best. The always seem to wrap up the episodes perfectly, and at the end I always end up saying “Ohhhh ya! It makes sense now!”. Also we see more character development with Odyssey’s new trouble-maker, Matthew makes a new “special friend”, and we meet new siblings that come to Odyssey. For a moral……. uh, I’m not quite sure. If you know the moral make sure to share it down in the comments.

3. The Friend Formula.


Riley is new to town and hoping to find some new friends. For advice, he turns to an unlikely (and unreliable) source – Jay Smouse! For a deeper description of this episode, click here Its no surprise that this episode is hilarious. I mean who wouldn’t laugh at this episode? This episode just kept you laughing from Jay teaching the I-ings, him giving Riley garlic eye drops, and his reaction at the end when he received the Elvis albums. So whats the moral? Friends can’t be bought, or you shouldn’t lie to make friends. Something like that.

2. I Slap Floor.


Bernard tells David and Mandy Straussberg what they’ve missed in the week they were gone. For a deeper description, click here Now to clarify, this episode was a April fools day episode. Many people had walked away confused and flabbergasted. This is like the It Happened At Four Corners episode. You hear this unbelievable story then figure out that it was just a story. The writers had so much fun making episode. The finally had a chance to do so many ridiculous things that they were wanting to do like making Connie and Eugene fall in love (BLAHH!), but without the consequences of a fan revolt. For this episode it was surprising that there actually was a moral. At the end Whit told Mandy and David to not believe everything that you hear, something very true in today’s world. Throughout the episode, they make fun of things that they have done throughout AIO history. For example, when the town is having a meeting, Whit says “Well, I-I’ll prove it to you. Here — look at this, I came up with a new invention today. It’s a flying machine, made out of a boat with oars. And a big Helium Ballon. And a propeller. We can use it to rescue people!”. Then Connie replies “Uh-huh.”. Then Tom adds “Why don’t you take a nap, Whit…”. Annoyed, Whit states “Oh, yeah? Well… you’ll all be sorry, next time somebody falls off a clock tower!” He was referencing to the ridiculous invention in the animated series, when a kid named Dylan Taylor falls off a clock tower, and Whit saves him an a flying boat, the Strata-flyer.

1. Life Expectancies, Parts 1-3.

4 and a half Hours of Ent

Connie’s world is turned upside down with an unexpected phone call. Whit, Eugene, Wooton, and Penny are there to support her as she figures out what it means to trust God through times of suffering. For more click on the link here,_Part_1. This episode deserves to be number one, because this episode was just so well acted and when Connie’s mother died, it made you cry with Connie. To tell the truth, this episode made me cry a little when I first heard it. I will sometimes listen to it again and it makes me want to cry each time. What made this special is the writers killed off a character intentionally, someone we loved, but without making all of us mad. The moral of this story is learning that God is with you in the hard times and that these bad things that happen to you are all part of a bigger plan. Special congrats to Katie Leigh for her amazing acting, she obviously won the Avery Award for best actress in the 2013 season.

If you have any feedback, tips, or a personal favorite please make sure to say something in the comments below, or email me at And thank you again for taking time to read this!

-Luke (The Doctor)


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