Top Five Fan Favorite AIO Episodes.

Quite obviously, this kind of list will always be biased. Everyone will have their own favorites, along with the ones they hate, but I will try to make this list based strictly on the highest AIOWiki ratings, 98% or higher. It should also be realized that AIOWiki ratings only reflect everyone’s opinion on an episode but doesn’t represent the actual overall opinion since only about 60 of 20,000,000 listeners ever rate anything on there.


5. The Green Ring Conspiracy parts 8 and 9.

Ah yes, the most Meltsner-esque parts of the Green Ring Conspiracy. In part 8, Eugene has been tasked with getting some of Buck’s spit, and Connie has been asked to join Dr. Trask’s college small group. Also begins the AppleBerry fight involving our favorite characters, Jay, Eugene, Katrina, Matthew, and Buck. In part 9, we find out that (spoiler!) Jason is the Stiletto. The AppleBerry fight ends with the phone being destroyed, and Buck is detained in Whit’s End by Detective Polehaus. Connie explains why she doesn’t like Dr. Trask’s small group, and we find out that there was a big truck at the Old Ross Compound. I count these both as one part because they are very interconnected, and by far the most interesting parts of the Green Ring.

4. The Perfect Witness, Part 2

This was the most interesting part of that classic three-parter, The Perfect Witness. We think that we’re looking for a book, then we find out that Eugene’s car was stolen, we find out where everything took place, and then we also find Katrina’s knapsack… with the stolen book still inside it. Definitely the best plot twist in the history of AIO.

3. The Turning Point

Through the entire episode, the listener sits there cringing at Eugene’s antics. Spilling water on himself, forgetting his wallet, getting along horribly with Armitage Shanks. This episode spelled out what was ‘the turning point’ of Eugene and Katrina’s relationship, the turning point that dragged it on for another seven years. This particular episode had good humor, made you cry because you have to wait another 200 episodes for Eugene and Katrina to get married, and some cringe-worthy moments to either laugh at or hope Armitage has good humor.

2. Blind Justice

Eugene and Bernard. A mix loved and enjoyed by millions across the country. In this episode Eugene and Bernard have been called to jury duty for the trial of a man who claims ‘innocent’ even though the evidence is against him. This episode has a strong moral about real justice and peer pressure, and weaves an interesting web of mystery.

  1. Waylaid in the Windy City, parts one and two.

Quite frankly, I can’t think of a better episode(s) to take number one. It was original (inspired by real events doesn’t count), it was gritty with just the right amount of action, and it spelled the return of two of the coolest characters on the show, Regis Blackgaard and Richard Maxwell. Not only that, it has Connie. Now who doesn’t love Connie?

Since there is a 99% chance that you will disagree with some or all aspects of this list, why don’t you make your own in the comments below? I tried to be as unbiased as I can, but…

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