My AIO Character

Ok, so what I’m doing here is something unique. When you listen to AIO, you always have a critical opinion, or you think that a character should have a different personality, etc. So what I have done is made my own character that I think would fit great in Odyssey.


Very special thanks to Kungfunaomi for this wonderful drawing of my character.

So my character’s name is Daniel Charles Carne, but he goes by Danny or Dan. His mother was from America while his father was from England. So he would have a slight British accent. He is about 16. His personality is he is kind, always has an opinion about something and-he isn’t afraid to speak his mind. He is an open book but he tries not to be. As a kid he was rebellious but now he hides it and strives to be the perfect kid his parents want him to be. One of the reasons he moved to Odyssey was because of his cousin’s cousin who moved there recently, Renee D. Carter.

Well, that’s my character. If you have any tips or feedback please say something down in the comments or email me at Or if you have a character please tell us about them in the comments down below or email it to us. This is Naomi and Luke reminding you to come in and nerd out at Odysseynerds!


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