The Odyssey Times Vol 1, Issue 7

Excerpts from the no-longer-existent feature called the Odyssey Times.

Originally published on the website around February of 2001.

Famous skating team to perform

by Marigold Substance
Features Reporter

The world-famous ice skating team Starlights on Ice will be performing for the next two weeks at the Odyssey Civic Center. “Odyssey is our absolute favorite stop on our tour,” said Nancy Sheridan, one of the lead skaters for the group.

The group has been on tour around the United States for over two years and has become one of the most anticipated ice skating shows in Odyssey history. The shows have gotten excellent reviews at every stop. “At our last city, the town appreciated the show so much that they gave us a piece of the ice to take home with us,” says Sheridan. “I was so touched that I started crying right there. It was my absolute favorite stop on the tour.”

The only people who don’t seem to be happy about the show are the Civic Center Zamboni® drivers. “We have to drive the ice machine over the ice after each performance,” says Spencer Mackenzie. “Do you know how long it takes to scrape off some of the scratches that those performers leave?”

“Zamboni® drivers are my absolute favorite stop on our tour,” says Sheridan. “The way they make the ice so shiny and smooth. It just makes me cry.”

Performances are nightly at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. Tickets can be obtained by calling the ticket office at 555-1670.


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