More AIOC news

They keep saying that nothing’s changing, but I think they should say “no more than usual”. The Adventures in Odyssey Club added a new feature called “Life Lessons”, which started today and features a new one every month. This month’s theme is courage, so they’ve included links to three episodes on the Club about courage, including the discussion questions from those episodes, a story from Clubhouse Magazine November 2013 Issue on courage, an archived Focus on the Family radio broadcast with Daniel Huerta, Jim Daly, and John Fuller called “Helping Kids Conquer Their Fears”, and a parenting article by Paul Coughlin from Focus on The Family magazine called “Are Your Kids Courageous?”, and finally, a family devotion originally published in 2012 on

So, if you guys care at all, they’ve added that to the Club. I personally don’t care, but I do know of people who will, and if you want to sign up for this content and much, much more, then head on over to and sign up.

This is Kungfunaomi, reminding you to come in and nerd out at Odysseynerds! If you have any questions or comments, hit the “Contact” button at the very top of the site, or send us an email at!


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