Review of “Legacy, Part 1”

WARNING. This review was written about ten minutes after I listened to the episode and contains major and huge spoilers-so read at your own risk. Click the “Read More” button to continue.

I’M DEAD. Or dying. Or something. This episode was so freaking cool!!!!! Because… TOM IS DEAD!

Ok let me explain. After the Album 50-51 hiatus, a lot of characters disappeared, including Tom Riley. Walker Edmiston, his actor, died after his character was removed. The fans assumed that Tom died on the show, but he was ‘disappeared’.
Until now.
Tom has officially died. Not only that. His will has shown up, and Eugene, Connie and Whit are beneficiaries! I totally sat there freaking out during that part, I had to pause the episode, freak out, play the episode, and pause it again. Oh. My. Gosh. Oh my gosh. I have this goofy grin on my face even still it’s so great. THANK YOU PHIL!

OK so that’s the focal point for me of the episode but let’s do this in order now. 😀 😀 I’m so happy.

So in the very, very, very beginning. The music intro. I almost had to pause it right there because I started to freak out in a bad way. My exact thought was, “I know this is a musical, but seriously?” And then yes Jules is singing with the music in her headphones, something every single teenager-myself included- has done at one point or another. And she’s a good singer. She’s a great singer. I have the Ridin’ The Hollywood Trail album put out by Will Ryan featuring Shona, Katrona, and Katriona Kennedy, because they are just that good.

And OH. She’s going out to see Buck. And OH. They addressed the issue that has been on my mind since The Ties That Bind. Are Jules and Buck romantically interested in each other? So glad they’re addressing this, when Eugene mentioned it to Buck I was like, YES. YES. Please. You’ll please refer to my blurb in that other review about everybody has a girlfriend or boyfriend or some other romantic interest, put a stop to it Eugene! Way to go! GO have a talk with him yes!

Aaaand then we find out that TOM IS DEAD. And this is where I get that goofy grin on my face and have to pause the episode for a minute. I love Tom, I’m not happy he’s dead, I’m happy he still exists. He has a Legacy, which is why this episode is called Legacy, part one. I sent in a question to the official podcast about why this episode was called Legacy. I don’t need it answered anymore.
And Eugene starts crying along with Connie! Yes thank you this needs to happen since you just sprang on us that you skipped the entire funeral and any mention of Tom for the past 12 albums. YOU SHALL CRY. The one thing I was surprised about is that Eugene doesn’t think Tom liked him enough to include him in the will. Did Flash Flood happen or not? IDK maybe being in Eugene’s shoes is different- we get to see Tom from the all-knowing perspective but Eugene doesn’t.

And then Jules and Buck are riding bikes… at Tom Riley’s farm. Aw gee. Aw gee. This couldn’t get any more nostalgic.

Let’s backtrack for a minute because I forgot the part when Eugene asks Buck why he isn’t going to Youth Group anymore. I was thinking, if it’s anything like my old youth group then I understand why. I was also thinking WHY on earth doesn’t Eugene know this in the first place? Where on earth is Buck going if Eugene thinks that he’s at Youth Group? Keep tabs on this kid, Eugene, he’s a sharp one.

Ok back to where I’m supposed to be. Jules and Buck are riding bikes at Tom Riley’s farm. Jules offers Buck an apple off of one of the trees.
Buck: “That’s stealing.”
patrick Crud then I’m in huge trouble.

Aaaand NO. NO. NO. Jules has a romantic crush on Buck CONFIRMED. You can hear it in her voice, and I think Buck is kind of oblivious to this because he didn’t have it in his voice. And then we hear music and Jules just totally betrayed her romantic feelings though her voice. Right about the time I puked then she came down to earth again.

The music troupe. The guy who is the leader: 1. Sounds like Archie Haggler. 2. Uses WAAAAAY to many big words and long sentences, he reminded me of Edwin Blackgaard. Except maybe not so flighty.

Now this raises concerns for me because now Jules is hooked up with a traveling group of singers. Is this the end of Jules Kendall? I like her an awful lot, I can’t believe that all this character development is so that she can leave again. But hey. We shall see, I could cope if she left. I shouldn’t say I like Jules an awful lot, I like Shona an awful lot.

OHHHHH and here’s her sister and her mother. I felt like it was kind of a cheap shot to have them talk at the same time, everything they said- because then it feels like they aren’t characters. There’s a barrier there that makes them feel more like the cartoon characters you’ll find on Boomerang or something. Let them talk. Of course this could have been to cover the fact that they can’t act, which I can’t say one way or the other because I can’t hear them talk. Maybe that’s exactly what Phil wanted to do.

And here comes Eugene, Connie and Whit up to the farm. And they are still a little understandably freaked out. I would be too. But the fact is when they switched to this I got a goofy grin again. Tom Riley’s farm! Hooray!!

At this point I was wondering about The Timothy Center, but that really has disappeared long before Tom ever did. If they mention that again, I’m going to start a riot. Don’t mention it, let it stay gone.

OK and Eugene, Connie, and Whit have each gotten an acre of the farm.

An acre is like a very, very small parcel of land. But when Tom’s sister said that it’s on a creek and it’s good for building a cabin or something on then I felt better. After all, what are Eugene and Connie going to do with an acre of land? I know what Whit will do with it, he’ll go sit out there and be old. Ha that’s funny. Go be old, Whit.

Oh. Dang. Have the musical here at Riley’s Farm. That ain’t original. The Saguaro sisters for the past six months or so (as far as I know) have been singing at the venue Riley’s Farm in Oak Glen, California, a real live farm with an apple orchard. Which makes me wonder if this whole thing wasn’t a last minute plot change. Since, as we know, the episode wasn’t originally titled Legacy, it was entitled Exit Stage Left. And for the fact, I know that this was at least partially inspired by the fun coincidence (or Providence) that the Saguaro Sisters have been singing at Riley’s farm. And for that matter, maybe Phil Lollar went there and was really inspired.

So here we go. This episode was out-of-the-blue and so freaking awesome. I can’t wait for part two. Predictions? Whit will probably end up buying Tom Riley’s farm, Jules will probably leave to be a traveling singer, and hopefully we’ll get some more character development for Buck and Eugene. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll be right about it for once.

My rating: 9/10. It was just great.

My last comment will be that I write AIO fanfiction, and to be completely honest now my story in-the-works won’t look original because AIO beat me to the punch. Ah, well.

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2nd Listen:

Yup Buck is totally in love with Jules, it’s not just on Jules’ part but she betrays it more. I also noticed that Karona and Katriona Kennedy do get to talk in the episode and yes, just as I thought, they can’t really act very well, but you can’t tell when they’re saying things together, or more in a musical cartoon fashion, it helps mask it.

Tom’s sister is quite a character. Reminds me of Tom. If his sister is the fourth beneficiary in the will, and she gets 285 acres of the farm, who were the other beneficiaries? She was number four, did the will name Eugene, Connie, and Whit first? That would be interesting to delve into. Make another Novacom out of it.

I thought the “Magnificent Venue” was going to be Whit’s End.

OK I think that really is all I have to say this time.



In fact, Phil Lollar has been to Riley’s Farm, and this was his inspiration for the episode. You can see my proof at this link:


Read Part Two of the review here:




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