Top Five Scariest AIO Episodes.

When people see AIO episodes, they think that its just a harmless audio drama-which is true. But some episodes require parental super vision, warning children to get their parents in the room if they are under ten years old. Some episodes don’t have this warning, but they are pretty scary anyways. Well here you go, here are The Top Five Scariest AIO Episodes!

A typical version of the warning can be heard below.


5. The Labyrinth, Parts 1-3.


Jason’s pursuit of Mr. Grote leads him to London, where he finds a plot even more ominous than the Green Ring Conspiracy. Jason must seek the help of some old friends to unravel Mr. Grote’s schemes before it’s too late. If you want a more detailed description, click here,_Part_1. This three-part episode is one of my personal favorites. With plot twists and nail biting scenes, it got pretty intense. Some children would find this scary, though there is no parental warning for this episode. But I have to say that the actor for Sue (Georgia Dolenz) did an awesome job.

4. The Case Of The Secret Room, Parts 1-2.


Whit and Jami Martin solve a forty-year old mystery after finding a skeleton in a hidden room in the basement. For a deeper description of this episode, click here,_Part_1 This episode is one of the earliest episodes of AIO, and is the first episode with a parental warning. This episode could have been parentally warned because of the death in the episode. But this was also a very exciting episode with plot twist after plot twist. One of the classic things the writers have done with this episode, is have the listener figure out that one of the good guys is a bad guy. They have done this in two other episodes. At the end everything turns out well and everyone survives. Well except for that dead guy in the hidden room.

3. The Mortal Coil, Parts 1-2


This was a very important episode in AIO history. What happens is Whit uses the Imagination Station in a new and exciting way…a program that simulates what life is like after death! For the whole plot, click here:,_Part_1. These episodes where so important because in it Eugene begins to finally understand what his need for Jesus really is. Because of the intensity, this episode could have (but wasn’t) parentally warned. This episode was so well acted and actually quite scary.

2. Blackgaard’s Revenge, Parts 1-2.

38830_Vol 33_Package.indd

A computer virus with a familiar personality tries to take over Whit’s End and take control of a young girl. For the plot, click here:,_Part_1. Ahh, the last episode of The Blackgaard Chronicles. These episodes required parental guidance because of how scary Blackgaard was. No one has ever done better villain than Earl Boen, the voice of Dr. Blackgaard. Perhaps this is why all of his film characters he played have the name “Dr.” in front of them.

1. Castles and Caldrons, Parts 1-2.


Jimmy Barclay begins to play a role-playing game with his cousin and is drawn into the strange experiences and occurrences associated with the game. For the whole story, click here,_Part_1. This episode required parental guidance because of the intensity and the subject of the episode. These episodes were so intense and scary that they sent chills up your spine. I think the writers did especially good on these episodes. And the moral is also very good too. If you are 12 or older, I would suggest that you listen to these episodes.

If you have any feedback, tips, or a personal favorite please make sure to say something in the comments below, or email me at And thank you again for taking time to read this!

– Luke (The Doctor)



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