Review of Legacy Part 2

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. Click the ‘Read More’ tag to continue. I reviewed this episode five minutes after listening to it so be prepared for SPLURGE!

OK. I’m just going to come right out and say it, that entire episode had no substance at all. It could have been condensed into like five minutes.

So we’ll start at the beginning where we are putting on a show. The show itself wasn’t all that impressive, I think that since we have had so many in recent years (The Feud of Mason County, The Lone Lawman, anything with Red Hollard, Buck’s accent) that maybe this type of thing is getting a little stale for Odyssey. If they had done the Lone Lawman as the show with more characters that would have been cool, what we got was kind of a musical western Thankstaking Story. But even A Thankstaking Story was better, because all of the individuals had actual lines.

So yeah Buck is the marshall in the story. Dang it. What is up with Buck and Jules, I’m not in the mood for this, people. NO. I was hoping that the romance storyline would be killed in this episode… ha. In my dreams!

This entire episode had almost no sound effects, much like a B-TV episode. It sounded great when they were on the stage and there was the ambiance and the footsteps and stuff, but during the story there was like… gunshots. And the horse whinnying. Not that the sound designers did awful, mind you, there was just nowhere to put anything.

And then after that play… we have… hey, Buck, you should go do the youth drama club.

Hey troupe, you could come play here at the Timothy Center and live happily ever after…



The end.

Wow, ok. That was it? Ok, no, it’s good, fine. I’ll just wait over here for some character development.



But seriously though, this entire episode was just kind of bizarre. It ended up like when we have Wooton and Penny with the dunking tank at the Let’s Get Together Festival. It was set up to have a specific thing. That specific thing for this episode was to have an excuse for Will Ryan and the Saguaro Sisters to play and sing some songs. And they are great songs, they did a great job. Putting that in an episode, however, just makes things very strange when you bring back the Timothy Center and Tom Riley etc.

I’m not complaining about the Timothy Center. I just think that of all the times to bring it back… this is just very strange. Maybe I am complaining. I think the timing was good in the first episode, but now we’re just using it to get rid of the musical troupe and have a happy ending.

And the more I think about it, the more I agree with myself and the statement that this western kick is just getting old on Odyssey. Buck’s accent, Mrs. Riley-Clemens’ accent, Red Hollard’s accent, just this whole thing needs to go. Buck’s accent should slowly fade away as he gets older or something. The Feud of Mason County was bad enough to last for ten years, don’t bring it back, please! Annoying accents!

Part one was great, I think, bringing back Tom Riley in what I thought was going to be a fascinating storyline about his legacy. Part two had nothing in it, just some western gimmicks and a romance between two teenagers who can’t even drive yet, and who in the end still haven’t ‘found their place’ in Odyssey. UGHHH. I like Buck and Jules but this particular storyline is making that like go away very quickly. Drop it. Just please drop it.

So, in short, this was a 50/50 two-parter and hopefully the last western kick for awhile. My concern for the future is that now the Timothy Center is back, but the ‘Timothy Center Effect’ still lives, and I suspect we shall never see it or Carno and the Wondrous Wescott Girls again. A prime example of pulling a cheap trick to get rid of characters when needed.

Rating: 67/100.

Read Part One of the review here:


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