Your questions on the Official Podcast! (Lots of news!!)

BAM! Did I call it, or did I call it? YOUR questions have been answered on the official podcast! You can listen to it below, and below that I have added a transcription.


First, the Avery Awards will commence after Album 62 airs.
Bob Hoose confirms that the Morrey and Suzu arc will span multiple albums.
Bob Hoose also confirms that Morrey’s name is based off of Moriarty, the arch-nemesis from the Sherlock Holmes series. He also says that he is dropping little things related to Morrey and Suzu in the ClubHouse Magazine Jones and Parker Mystery Stories.
Kathy Buchanan confirms that Jules is now a main character and will continue through the next few albums.
AWRIGHT THEY ANSWERED MY QUESTION and no that isn’t my actual voice it sounds horrible on the phone and I get really nervous. It sounds better (haha). OK, Legacy Parts One and Two was actually, originally, called Legacy parts one and two. And then they called it Enter Stage Left and Exit Stage Right, and then they renamed it to Legacy parts One and Two.
The writers confirm that they haven’t planned out Album 64. However, at the time of recording this episode, they hadn’t come up with a title for Album 63, which was announced yesterday, (and BTW I got a confirmation that it was announced through the AIO volunteer team, and was actually supposed to be a secret, so I just reblogged what I saw from the person dropping the secret, but I’m sorry about that anyway). So I won’t be stating the name again. 🙂
The first episode of Album 63 is called Find a Penny, Wooton and Penny have been on their honeymoon, and Wooton can’t find Penny,
(this is now my own addition) and I BET I CALLED IT, HOT AIR BALLOON. Bam. And since we now know the title of 63 I bet that the cover will be Penny reaching out to Wooton from a hot air balloon.
OK So now they answer my cohort Luke’s question, we had long discussions about Novacom Rules the Earth over the phone. Nathan Hoobler answers that it was an easter egg, an episode description. Just for the podcast, they re-released Novacom Rules the Earth and you can read it here:
(Both I and Luke had seen it awhile before on AIOWiki but Luke was convinced it was an episode).
The next question was why Barrett and Priscilla have disappeared. Dave Arnold confirms that the actors got too old for the roles of Barrett and Priscilla, and so they just got rid of the characters (and I say good riddance, I never liked them or their romance anyway). However, Dave also confirms that Whit Hertford, who plays Jay, will be back in the Adventures in Odyssey Club, but what he didn’t mention is which episode, which I can tell you. Jay will be back in the three-parter entitled There and Back Again, along with his father, Nick Smouse, who we haven’t met yet.
Bob Hoose confirms new kids and Buddy will be coming back in a normal album “into the real world”. Which confirms my suspicion that everything in the Adventures in Odyssey Club is not exactly canon.
How long was Buck in JD? They’ve given up trying to figure out Odyssey Time, more than a few months.
Is Buck going to get adopted? Dave Arnold confirms that they have things for Buck down the road, but they can’t give it away, otherwise they’ll give it away.
A question from Austin, is that Austin Peachey? It seems like it might be, since the Austin asks if there will be a new official guide for the 30th anniversary. (How very Austin-esque of a question). Nathan Hoobler says “No.”
Dave Arnold confirms a new Adventures in Odyssey Bible this fall that will have artwork from the show, the Odyssey characters are in it, (Eugene introduces the book in the Bible, Connie has ‘Candid Conversations’ about it throughout, Wooton will give fun facts on it).
Dave Arnold confirms the Blackgaard Chronicles are coming!! He also confirms a ‘Young Whit series’.
Dave Arnold confirms that the Get in the Show contest grand prize will be a trip for ‘them and their family’ (whether this means four people or not it will have to be determined in the official rules, I guess), and also confirms that the winner will be in the 30th anniversary live show. Dave says more details to come!
Another question from Redmond, Oregon, this time from a person I haven’t met! I’ll just start hunting all the churches until I find her and have her join my nerds club. She asks if the Saguaro Sisters will be appearing on a future album, and Dave Arnold answers that they will be in the live show.
And finally, today, you can now download Album 62 for 9.49$ at this link:

If you have a question,comment, concern or otherwise, put it in the comments below, use the contact form on our site, or send us an email at! This is Kungfunaomi reminding you to come in and nerd out at Odysseynerds!



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    1. Sounds like a regular Justin Beiber! Lol at first I was like, WHAT? And then I listened to it to see who you were talking about.


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