The Odyssey Times Vol 1, Issue 7

Excerpts from the no-longer-existent feature called the Odyssey Times.

Originally published on the website around February of 2001.

Kids’ Radio to debut exciting new drama

by Curt Morse
Odyssey Reporter

Kids’ Radio from Whit’s End will be producing an original story by Mandy Straussberg coming this weekend. The show will star Mandy, Tom Riley, Bernard Walton, Jack Allen, and John Avery Whittaker.

“After the resounding success of Mandy’s two plays in the Little Theatre, I thought it would be great for her to try her hand at a radio show,” says Whit. The show is called “The Great Wishy Woz.”

The actors have been busy practicing for their big roles in the show. “I play a down to earth, warm-hearted fellow,” says Tom Riley, the voice of Manny Kin, a department store mannequin looking for a way to be smarter.

“My role is a metal guy named…well…Metal Guy. He’s looking for love…in all the wrong places,” says Bernard Walton. “I was glad this was radio and I didn’t have to dress-up–all that makeup, all that mess…it’s just too much for a janitor.”

“I am Mystic Mountain Lion, a character who is looking for power,” says Jack Allen. “I was a bit nervous about acting in this story, since I usually just narrate, but I think it will turn out fine.”

Eugene Meltsner is in charge of sound design. “The sound effects for the program are especially complex due to the fact that this is the first musical we’ve performed on Kids’ Radio. Also, it’s a fantasy program, so there are a multitude of effects to create.” When asked why he wasn’t acting in this story, he simply replied, “Just in case you’re wondering, it has absolutely nothing to do with my being electrocuted in Mandy’s last play.”


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