Trivia Tuesday!

Hey Nerds! This is a new addition that I’m adding to the blog. As you can see its called “Trivia Tuesday”! Trivia Tuesday is when we will release a quick five question trivia each Tuesday. They will have specific subjects like character facts and others. These Trivia Tuesdays will help you test your AIO knowledge. The first Trivia subject will be the Novacom Saga. Also to keep your score, you can add the number of each question as your score, (the high score is 15). Also, highlight the text below each question to see the answer. Well, here is the first Trivia Tuesday! Good Luck!

The Novacom Saga.

1. Who was the master mind behind the whole evil plan?

Answer: The Chairman

2. Who was originally planning to sabotage the Novacom tower on Tom Riley’s land? (Before it blew up)

Answer: Alex Jefferson and Cal Jordan

3. Who was walking around neighborhoods stealing birdhouses?

Answer: Rodney Rathbone

4. What is the name of Mitch’s Sister?

Answer: Rachel Mitchell

5. Where was the exact location of the first hidden camera?

Answer: Hidden in Whit’s office, in the “O” in “Dictionary”


I hope you guys did awesome! Make sure to share your results in the comments. If you have any questions or comments make sure to put those down in the comments or email them to us See you next Tuesday! This is Luke Reminding you that Odysseynerds is the place to nerd out!


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