One More Name Part Two Review

Warning. Spoilers ahead. Click the “Read More” tag to continue.

I got to the end of Part Two and was really disappointed. Why? Because it was the end of part two. I wanted it to be at least twice as long.

The accents in this are still confusing, but I was able to pick out things better. I don’t know this story. So when all of the people from the orphanage were hauled off to the extermination camp, that was the first time in a long time that I was sitting here feeling awful and frowning. That’s horrible.

This entire episode is full of the most raw plot that we’ve had in awhile. The mother of Ariella was hauled off to the extermination camp, Ariella having no idea that she will never see her mother again.

So now we know why it’s not called ‘in Jars of Clay’. Because it’s in jars of glass. One More Name is a better title anyway, because Irena Sendler was so completely consumed with getting just one more child out of the Warsaw Ghetto.

OK so my big complaint about the episode is the romance, it’s not as bad I think as The Good Soil (that romance was totally bizarre) but in the middle of all of this heartbreak you have this guy who is helping Irena and then decides he is in love with her.

So, I am going to complain about the documentary now. I don’t normally watch these but I’m going to do it because there’s lots of material to make fun of in here.
Bob: Let’s hear from two people who play an important part in this story.
Me: OK so we’re going to hear from the actor for Irena and probably the actor for Steffan or somebody…
(Olivia and Dr. Graham are interviewed)

OK so we hear from the most minor characters in these episodes. Kelly Stables has like an Elvis lip curl when she talks it’s kind of funny.

And then Bob in his aviator jacket with the airplane.
And then we get a clip with Ray VanderLaan and I seriously thought it was a joke the first few seconds. Is the man advertising? “Moses standing with his stick over the sea!” It must seriously be a joke. He says that the Bible mentions it multiple times because it’s so dramatic. The man obviously is not out of Masters Seminary.

And then we get Chuck! And fish animations! And this is that moment when I think that I can’t seriously be watching Baby Einstein over again. There’s a shark! Oh my gosh I’m seriously watching this!

OK I’m sorry I skipped it I couldn’t watch that segment. Here’s Bob and his airplane! “As we bring this episode in for a landing”, he couldn’t seriously just leave it at that? “Ha, see what I did there, with the planes… and landing.” You just ruined the pun, gosh.

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