Trivia Tuesday Answers.

Here are the answers to yesterdays Trivia Tuesday!


The Green Ring Conspiracy.


1. What was the name of Buck’s guardian?

Answer: Jedidiah Skint.

2. What was the bad habit that Buck was trying to stop?

Answer: Chewing Toothpicks.

3. Where did the plane that Monty was on crash?

Answer: Gower’s Field.

4. What was the name of the villain’s fake publishing company?

Answer: Green Ring Publishing.

5. Where was the plane that crashed headed?

Answer: Atlanta, Georgia.


If you have any questions, tips, or feedback make sure to put them down in the comments or you can email them to us at! See you next Trivia Tuesday! This is Luke reminding you that Odyssey Nerds is the place to nerd out!


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