Our AIO Episodes

So this article will be similar to the other article Luke wrote, My AIO Character. Instead we each thought up an episode that we each thought would be cool. Well without further ado, here is Our AIO Episodes.


Luke (The Doctor’s) Episode:

Here is my idea for an episode. It would be a three parter with Connie, Eugene, and Whit. What would happen is they would all go in the Room of Consequence and see what would happen if major decisions were changed in their lives. Like what would happen if Connie stayed with her dad instead of leaving with her mom. For Eugene it would be what if his parents never went on that trip to Africa. And for Whit it would be what if he never became a Christian. They would all have very different paths. So with Connie her life would look good with her and Jules hanging out, but her relationship with her father would be horrid because of all the wifes he keeps getting and leaving. Then with Eugene he would have his parents and he would have met up with Katrina. Things look good-but then things start to break down. Katrina won’t date Eugene because he is not a Christian. And he wouldn’t want to become one because one of the reasons he became a Christian is because of Whit. Then for Whit he would have became a grumpy old man because of Jerry dying in war. He would act like he did in the episode Clara. Then thing would happen like Whit’s End was never built, Novacom rules Odyssey, and the thief that came through Odyssey would have gotten away. Through out the episode they would see each other like Connie and Jules would be walking laughing then they would accidentally bump into Whit, and he would start yelling at them telling them to watch where they are going. In the end they would all come out of the Room of Consequence being very thankful for what God has given them and being thankful for the friends in their life. The episode would be named Second Chances. 

Naomi (Kungfunaomi’s) Episode:

My episode would be two parts. It would begin with a typical day at Whit’s End, and Connie would be at the counter, hanging out and stuff. And then, Mr. Skint walks in, and since he is clean-shaven and wearing a suit, and Connie has never seen him in the first place, she has no idea who he is.(How he got out of prison I have no idea- maybe he was never caught in the first place?) Mr. Skint politely asks where the Meltsners are- Connie tells him but then calls Eugene at the College to tell him that some guy is going over to his house.
Skint goes over to the Meltsner’s house before Eugene gets there and bangs on the door. There’s no answer because Katrina and Buck are both at the school. Skint doesn’t know this, so he waits around for a few minutes, and then Eugene arrives. Skint demands to know where Buck is- Eugene refuses to tell him, and assuming that this is Mr. Skint, even though Eugene has never met him either, Eugene pulls out his cell phone to call Detective Polehaus. Skint threatens to serve Eugene with papers that prove Skint is the legal parent of Buck. Eugene-though taken aback by Skint’s threat, calls Detective Polehaus anyway, Skint runs off before the police get to the house. Detective Polehaus promises to keep a close eye out for Skint.
Later, Buck and Katrina get home. Eugene makes the mental decision not to tell them what happened, but he is agitated during dinner and both Katrina and Buck quickly guess that something is wrong, but they don’t know what. Eugene buries himself in his work to avoid confrontation, saying that there’s a lot of things he has to get done for the College.
The next day, Buck and Katrina stop by Whit’s End before school so that Katrina can get coffee, because adults can’t live without it, and Connie mentions the guy that stopped by their house. Neither Katrina nor Buck have any idea about what is going on, Connie explains that a sharp guy went by their house yesterday. From this, and from the way Eugene was working the night before, Katrina infers that something is going on at the College that Eugene is afraid to tell them about, like a potential layoff.
So yeah I don’t know after that, but basically Eugene would end up fighting Skint in court and getting legal parent status over Buck. And it would be a happy ending.


Thank you for reading our ideas. If you have an episode idea you can send it to us at odysseynerds@mail.com, or put it in the comments below. This is Luke reminding you that uhh…. I need something original. Ohh! This is Luke reminding you that Odyssey Nerds is the place to nerd out!


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