When AIO Captivated Me

In this article we will tell our stories of when AIO captivated us. With out further ado, here is When AIO Captivated Me.


I grew up in a Christian homeschool family with six other siblings. Ya, I know what you’re thinking! Your probably thinking that with a family that big, someone had to have got lost, or have died from the other siblings. Nope! All fine… at least, I still have nine fingers. So you can expect that we listened to Adventures in Odyssey. And that’s it! Thanks for reading! Jk. That is true, though. I knew about Adventures In Odyssey but I never really cared to get interested in it. It never really captivated my attention. So one day we had some friends over for a sleepover. And once it was time for bed, my friend was wanting to listen to AIO. So we looked all over the house and finally found some AIO CDs. We got them when my mom joined some homeschool thing and they gave them to us for free. Well, after listening to like six episodes that night, I finally was captivated. Me and me sister listened to all the free weekly episode and even listened to some on third party sites. It then spiraled into something bigger. I was now a AIO nerd! Then Naomi (the website owner) and me started talking, and soon realized that we both loved, and I mean LOVED, AIO. Then she offered for me to be an author on this website, and here we are now! Well, that was how AIO captivated me, and also kinda how I came to be an author of this website!
-Luke (The Doctor)

My story is more or less similar to Luke’s, Christian homeschool family. However, I had no clue about Adventures in Odyssey for most of my life, that is, until The Truth Project came out. Mom and Dad were going through The Truth Project, Focus on the Family’s biblical world view study for adults. They had gone through it once, and then were going through it again with their study group when they heard that Focus on the Family was making a version for kids, the Truth Chronicles album in Adventures in Odyssey.
We were in the car, stopped at a gas station, when Mom put in the CD. And you know what happened?
I paid no attention. At all. How anticlimactic.
Then Mom noticed, and she said, ‘Naomi, I bought this for you’. Well, then I started listening. Having never heard Adventures In Odyssey before, I had no idea who I was listening to or why (being a stupid little kid at the time), and the episode of the album was Here Am I, so my very first impression of Whit was that he was a karate fighter, and for the longest time afterwards I was waiting for him to bust some moves again in subsequent albums that we purchased.
And then to be completely anticlimactic again, for about four years Odyssey was a part of the household, but nothing to nerd about. I was given Eugene Returns (that totally made a lot of sense, having never even heard of Novacom), and The Green Ring Conspiracy, and some other compilation albums called Life Lessons, and the Bible Eyewitness set. Listened to those, thought they were cool, and that was it. The first listen-through of the Green Ring convinced me that Jason was a bad guy, and I was in the dark about why Whit’s voice sounded so wrong all of a sudden.
So, I was happy to listen through all of those for awhile, just pull them out and recite the lines I’ve heard countless times over. Then we started getting ClubHouse magazine. I have four years’ worth of ClubHouse in my closet even still, and I still read all of them. Man, that was the thing of the month, got me checking my mailbox every single day.
So then, ClubHouse, in place of Wooton’s Random Ramblings, started running Candid Conversations With Connie.
And in one of those Candid Conversations, I believe it was the September 2013 issue, it warned the fans that Connie’s Mom died, and that we could hear part one of that episode in a few weeks.
And so for the first time ever, I pulled it up on my computer the Saturday that it aired, listened to it, and was completely hooked.
And I was back the next Saturday, and the Saturday after that for parts two and three. And between then I was listening to the daily broadcasts to tide me over, which in those three weeks included Waylaid in the Windy City, and in about a year I had heard almost 300 episodes of Odyssey.
And then the podcasts I started listening to. And then I stumbled onto AIOWiki and spent my time reading. Just reading.
So yeah, we fast-forward a few years and a bunch of albums, and here I am now, running an Odyssey nerds blog. I finally know enough about it to give my opinion, and to realize that Whit is not actually a karate fighter.
I have no recollection of the first time Luke and I started talking about Odyssey. However, he was so nerdy about it, and I had just started this blog like three days before, I was like, hey come be my cohort! And that’s about it, yeah, mine is way longer than Luke’s, sorry guys.

Thanks for talking time to read this article. Make sure to tell us your story by putting it down below in the comments or by emailing us odysseynerds@mail.com. This is Luke reminding you that Odysseynerds is the place to nerd out!


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