More info on Get In The Show

Hey nerds! There’s a lot going on so I’ll try to summarize the info. If you want to read the full rules, I’ll put links in the post for you.

OK. So basically here’s what’s going on in a nutshell. Anyone the ages of 6-15 years old can enter the contest. Whoever wins will get a trip for four to go on the FotF Cruise in November. They will perform along with the actors at the live show.

So here’s the latest on this. Canadians will not be able to enter, only United States residents.
How do you enter? You take a video of yourself recording the script that they’ll provide for download. You can download that script on May 1st. However, audition submissions will be accepted starting June 1st. Focus on the Family staff will pick the top 50 people by June 25th. Then, by June 26th, the fans will vote for Phase 1 of the contestants, eliminating 25 of those entries. Then, July 10th-14th, fans will vote through the top 25 entries and 10 of those will go to the next stage. In phase 3, July 17-24th, fans will pick the top three contestants. Then, on August 12th, there will be a live audition for those three contestants, and then the grand prize winner will be picked right after the live audition.

Now, that isn’t all. The top 100 finalists will get AIO Album 62. The top 10 finalists will also get a one year subscription to the Adventures in Odyssey Club.
If you win in the top 3, they will fly you and a parent out to Colorado Springs and pay for a hotel and meals so that you can do the live audition.

Now, you can record the video yourself at home, or go to a participating retail store and do it there. However, there’s no point, because you have to bring your own camera anyway.

So, you may be wondering where to find the latest updates. Well, you actually won’t be able to find them here at Odysseynerds because I’m moving and going to be without Internet for awhile. However, I’ll try to post when I can, and Luke is still around. But, you can find and read everything for yourself at this link:

Good luck getting in the show, this is Kungfunaomi reminding you to come in and nerd out at Odysseynerds for the (almost) latest updates!




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