The Odyssey Times Vol 1, Issue 7

Excerpts from the no-longer-existent feature called the Odyssey Times.

Originally published on the website around February of 2001.


Fun Park to change it’s name to Old West Fun Park

Connellsville Fun Park, the most popular amusement park in the tri-county area, announced Monday that it would change it’s name to Old West Fun Park. The change may help to increase its name recognition among other local themes parks such as Waterworld.

“Our name was never intended to be Fun Park,” says park representative Corey Shadow. We only used Fun Park because when Abe Norman made the sign for the park, the ink was smeared on the paper where ‘Old West’ was written. Abe assumed our name was simply ‘Fun Park.'” Once the park got the sign, they liked it so much that they changed the name of the park to just “Fun Park.”

A problem came about, however, when the park began getting complaints from people. “A lot of people started telling us that Fun Park sounded like a place that you leave your car before you go somewhere else,” says Shadow. The park staff decided to call the park Outback Fun Park with an Australian theme for the park. They closed the park for two months and redecorated the entire 35 acre establishment with Australian décor. “However, when Abe Norman read the paper for the sign, he didn’t have his glasses on,” says Shadow. The sign came back as “Old West Fun Park.”

“We liked the sign so much we decided to change the entire park to a Western theme,” says Shadow. The park will be closed for two months while the staff changes the décor to an appropriate Western look. Reopening is set for this March.


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