Trivia Tuesday Answers

Here are the answers to Trivia Tuesday!

Eugene Meltsner.

1. What did Eugene do to keep thieves from stealing from the cash register?

Answer: He electrified it.

2. What is one of Eugene’s most repeated phrases?

Answer: “Greetings and Salutations or To borrow the Colloquialism.”

3. What is the question that Eugene knew the answer to in a trivia game with Katrina, but lied and said he didn’t know the answer?

Answer: “Name one international bird that is known to bark like a dog.”

4. The thief that came through Odyssey and held up Whit’s End, what did he call Eugene?

Answer: Brain Boy.

5. What is the name of Eugene’s brother?

Answer: Everett Meltsner.


Make sure to share you score in the comments! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns make sure to put them down in the comments of you can email them to us at This is Luke reminding you that Odyssey Nerds is the place to nerd out! See you next Trivia Tuesday!


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