Review of One More Name, Part 3

Warning. Contains spoilers. Click the “Continue Reading” tag to continue.

So… I have a problem, but we’ll save that for the end now won’t we.

This episode was SERIOUS! Holy moly!! I mean, if you didn’t gather that from the fact that it’s about the Holocaust, IT’S SERIOUS!!

So I also listened to the podcast that came out the same day as this episode so I’m going to kind of comment on both.
This episode- three parter- has a introduction from Executive Producer Dave Arnold for a good reason. Not recommended for kids under the age of ten.

So I read some stuff on Irena Sendler… I think Kathy did a good job dramatizing the story. Radio drama adds a depth to the story that otherwise would not be there, such as when you read an article about Irena on Wikepedia. Irena died in 2008, at the age of 98. Which is pretty cool, she was alive until nine years ago. Here’s a picture of her:


Now is that cool or what? That’s her about three years before she died. I think she would have made a neat grandma.


Here’s another picture of Irena, obviously when she was much younger. I don’t know how old she was though.

So interestingly enough, Irena was Roman Catholic. Another thing was that her story isn’t known because the Communists took over Poland and labeled her a Fascist (I don’t remember if that was mentioned in the episode or not). Many of the parents died at the Treblinka extermination camp.

OK so enough with the random facts that I found interesting. My huge, big beef with this episode is not the violent reaction I experienced in the moment thinking Irena was shot in the face. That was a work of art to make me react that way, Kathy. No, my problem was Dr. Graham. THAT WAS SO PREDICTABLE!! I even guessed in the beginning that Lily was related to these people in some way (though I thought she would be a direct descendant of Irena and Stefan) but really. It totally kind of ruined the story because here I am all in the moment with this HISTORICAL story that has been dramatized and then you go and add Lily Graham and that totally ruined the moment. Guess what! This fictional character is related to this real story! Wooooo (not really)!!! Which makes me think that Ariella is actually also a fictional character since I couldn’t find anything about her either. Ariella is actually a ‘possibility’, which also kind of what a lot of the story is. But I got all that just from the fact that you threw an Odyssey character into a historical story. Let’s hope that Red Hollard isn’t related to the Wright Brothers because I would start a riot.

And I couldn’t find anything about how Irena met Stefan so you don’t have an excuse for riding a bike while reading a book. NO. That was my only other really big beef was that… it’s totally ridiculous!

Other than that it was an intense three-parter. Thinking for just a moment that Irena got shot in the face, I seriously had almost twenty thoughts race through my head, such as, “This is not appropriate for children!”, “Violence!”, “HOLY COW SHE’S DEAD!” etc. She actually did escape the Nazis because of a bribe, something of which I found AWESOME, since it’s historical.

Overall, this was just the coolest and most intense three-part episode. But even this still doesn’t accurately describe the horrors and death brought on by Hitler and his Nazi soldiers. This focus was on Jews, which was the biggest part of the people killed, but Polish people such as Irena Sendler were also mass exterminated at the hands of the Nazis.

My rating: 9/10


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