Next Imagination Station Book Title, Summary, and Cover Revealed


Source: AIOUpdate

Yahhhhhh! This book looks AWESOME! Tornados and explosions in the cover! We now know that the next installment in the Imagination Station book series will be titled Inferno in Tokyo, and will follow Patrick and Beth as they enter 1920s Japan. And here is the awesome cover!!.\ The book has been written by Marianne Hering and will be released in October. You can check out the story’s summary below:

The Imagination Station has been malfunctioning for several adventures now, handing out the wrong gifts and traveling unexpected paths. Patrick and Beth must use their courage, strength, and resilience to help others and survive dangers as they travel through time and space and get caught up in the 1923 earthquake, tsunami, and fire that devastated Tokyo, Japan.

This sounds like its gonna be amazing! Also, this April, FotF will be re-releasing its 90 Devotions of Kids in a imitation leather edition. For now, it’s only available in paperback.


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