Five Things That Should Have Happened In AIO.

When you listenin’ to AIO, there are always the decisions that the writers make that you totally don’t agree with. Well in this top five article, I will list five things that should have happened in AIO.


Hey, Kungfunaomi isn’t the only one who can use memes!

5. Margaret Faye And Whit.29front

I don’t know why Margaret and Whit didn’t marry!? They were perfect for each other! And Margaret was just so nice and likable. I hate when they do this. It was perfect! I hope that they get them together in the future!

4. Eugene And His Memory.


I don’t know why they made his memory come back! He is sooooo annoying! It would have been cool to see him as a blank canvas. And him and Katrina were not made for each other.

3. Whit Dies in The Mortal Coil

It would have been the best moral lesson of AIO! Why to never be a mad scientist! And plus Whit is just annoying now. He is always like “Listen to your parents”. LOL, he is such a nerd. Hopefully he will die soon.


2. Connie and Eugene.



I mean why not! They were perfect! And they have been around each other for so long, and really! Katrina is not good for him. They are not alike at all! And Eugene and Connie get along so well. I don’t know why they didn’t get together.

1. Connie And Mitch.

89045 AIO 41 In Hot Pursuit Package.indd

I know that my editor won’t agree with this, but I totally think Connie and Mitch should have got together. Mitch was a likable character and him and Connie were like peanut butter and jelly. But of course, Kathy Buchanan had to break them up. URR! She is frustrating, but awesome. She is bitter sweet. But I still believe Connie and Mitch should have got together.



That was Five Things That Should Have Happened In AIO. If you have any tip, feedback, or comments make sure to put them done in the comments or email them to us at This is Luke reminding you that Odyssey Nerds is the place to nerd out!


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