Review of AIOC Exclusive Episode The Perfect Testimony

Today I will review the AIO Club exclusive episode The Perfect Testimony. What happens in this episode is Buddy decides that conquering fear must be the key to spiritual growth, while Camilla pursues a more dramatic testimony. This a very interesting episode so it will make a very interesting review. But first before we get into the review I have to say something first. What is this!

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 5.16.09 PM.png

Buddy’s eyes! Come on Gary Locke! AIO art work is not anime! Anyways lets get into the review!


This episode starts off very complicated. People are running and being chased. Then the pastor breaks his leg and Rose prays to God and he heals it! I have a very strong opinion on this and I will save you the rant. Just kidding I need to rant about this! I can’t let something like this pass!

First of all I don’t think that this would ever happen. Its not that I don’t believe God could do something this astounding but I believe that he wouldn’t. Why you ask? Well back when Jesus was living on the earth and he was with the disciples they did miracles as like a proof. But now in our time we have the Bible and that is our proof. So that’s my opinion. I could rant longer but this is a review.

Ok anyway is was cool to see another new character named Rose. But when the Odyssey Team adds all these new characters then they have a harder time adding the into the real world. Then throughout the episode Camila is trying to make a miracle happen by praying for numerous things like a verminioeds game……. Ya. Also through out the episode Buddy is struggling with finding true fear? Something scary so he can grow his faith. So that he can depend on God. If he was looking for true fear he should have just looked at the old AIO album art work. I mean seriously!


In the first picture Whit ate one to many Twinkies and in the other Tom looks like an old raisin! Sorry about that. Back on track! So through out the episode Camila prays about small stuff like lemonade and verminiods and it works. Later her, her Mother, and a friend with a broken leg are at a baseball game. So in the middle of the game Camila  stands up and prays out loud that the Lord will heal her leg. Embarrassing. I didn’t end up working. Thank goodness FOTF didn’t go that far. She was talked to by her Mother later and her Mother tells her that it doesn’t matter if she hasn’t experienced a miracle. God can still work through her even in the small ways. Finally! Someone knows whats right! Later to find true danger Buddy goes into an abandoned coal mine and almost gets himself killed but gets out safely with only a broken ankle. Also one last note. Michaela Dean and Stuart Allan (the voices of Camilla and Buddy) are starting to sound older. Like Phil Lollar once said “This funny thing called pooberty happens where a fourteen year old boy can sound like your father” Just saying they are starting to sound older. Also sorry if this sounded like a rant with nothing goo in it. I just said the things that stuck out to me and those were the things. There were also some good things that I didn’t get to.

So now what we can learn from this? We learn that God works in our lives even if we don’t know it. He uses everyone. The bigger people like missionaries and the smaller normal day people.

So for overall ratings I would give it a 4 out of ten.

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