Top Five AIO Goofs.

Adventures In Odyssey is an awesome audio drama. They have solid stories and the keep their facts straight, usually. Sometimes they can mix their facts up and make a goof. For this top five list I will expose all of the goofs that they have made. Without further ado, here are Top Five AIO Goofs.


5. Chocolate allergies… or not?

In the episode The Malted Milkball Falcon, Priscilla Peterson reveals that one of the many things she is allergic to is chocolate. However, in the episode To Mend or Repair, Barrett Jones buys Priscilla a chocolate milkshake. [Maybe this isn’t a goof.  Maybe he was trying to kill her.]


4. Coincidence or No Coincidence?


In the episode Whit’s Flop, Davey Holcomb learns that failure is important when Whit shows him how to turn a failure into a great success. Later, Whit says that Davey knocking over the backstop was a coincidence. Its clear from later episodes (such as a Single Vote and others) that Whit does not believe in coincidences.

3. Who owns the land?


This had been debated for years. Did Whit own the building and the land or just the building? In the episode Recollections, Whit says “I will buy Filmore Recreation Center and its adjoining land…”. Then in the episode The Curse, Whit says “You both know that I don’t own the land around Whit’s End, [I only own] the building itself.” People debated whether he did or not. This argument was soon put to rest in the episode The Forgotten Deed where it is explained that Whit only bought the building, however, he also purchased the land in that episode. He now owns the building and the land, [as if things couldn’t get any more confusing].

2. Bill?


In the episode An Act of Mercy,  Officer O’Ryan calls Bart Rathbone “Bill”.  (When O’Ryan and Bart/Bill are talking about teaching Rodney a lesson.)  This is probably because the script was adapted from an earlier “Officer Harley” script, The Quality of Mercy and that father was named Bill. They later remade this episode and fixed the mistakes.

1. The Lucy Who?


It’s Lucy Cunningham, er, Lucy Shultz, er…Lucy Cunningham-Schultz.  The Lucy Who? debate is probably the second biggest Odyssey goof. So what is Lucy’s last name and how does it match up with her history? Well when the producers made Lucy they gave her the last name Cunningham. Later they forgot it or something and gave her the last name Shultz in the episode Thy Will Be Done. They later fixed it by saying that her dad died and her mom remarried in the episode The Truth About Zachary.

That was Top Five AIO Goofs. I hoped you enjoyed it! If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, make sure to put them down in the comments or you can email them to us at This is Luke reminding you that Odyssey Nerds is the place to nerd out!


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