Review of Captain Absolutely comic book

Warning. Contains spoilers and memes. Click the “Continue Reading” tag to continue.

Awright. I’ve gotta write this review as a totally and completely biased person. CAPTAIN ABSOLUTELY!! He’s my favorite super hero ever (which is how I know I’m homeschooled- I should send that to Blimey Cow).

So. Our story begins- with an insane Wooton face!?
wooton.PNGI feel the same way about the Captain, Wooton. “YEAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!”

So we get this intro thing with Wooton explaining why he made Captain Absolutely- which makes reference to his origins in the Truth Chronicles, and the fight for Absolute Truth and the subject of world view.


And right on the first page I make my biggest, hugest complaint. The entire comic book is low-quality enough, because it’s in digital format, that it’s really hard to make out the words. And all those little “notes” that show up to make the comic funny? I can’t read them.


Well, the arrows are a nice touch anyway.

Second page- explosion!! What a great way to keep people like me interested!


And then what’s cool is because it isn’t in the magazine, there’s room for an extra panel. These extra panels obviously don’t really change the story a whole lot, but they help fill it in.

And here we go. Too many characters in too small a setting. If you’ve read the comic, great. If you haven’t, then I’m not about to tell you the plot. It’s too twisted and actually kind of anti-climactic. It got to the point where it seemed that they didn’t know what to do with the Legion of Bad Guys and why they kept making a ton of subplots. That’s what this is. A gigantic subplot that they had to figure out what to do with in the end.


What’s cool though is that I’m able to remember what’s going on for once! When a comic drags on for four years, and you get to read one issue per month, it kind of gets hard to keep track of what’s going on.


And we get more characters later on! Lord Gargantuan Foulspleen and Nurse Grudge (who had no apparent use at all), Hana, who becomes the Captain’s sidekick, Hana’s mom, the mayor, the mayor’s daughter, Sloppy Joe (I can’t figure out why they had him either), the Pajama Bandits, the Indignation Drones, Baron Von Confuser, The Phone-ies, WHERE DOES IT END???


I think the best part is where we find out that Max King is actually the Unifier. That was a pretty fun plot twist.

It just goes on…. and on…

and finally. After 4 years, the big bad boss, Dr. Relative, gives up and repents?


And then the comic ends on the next page with the rest of the bad guys going back to their evil ways.





But you guys, this panel was worth the horrible plot:


LOL that’s just some serious nostalgia and I think they wrote the whole comic series to have that single panel in the end.

There were so many things that I thought they were going to go somewhere with, and they just left off… Dr. Relative was running for mayor in one issue. Whatever happened with that?? Whatever happened with Capn’ Crastin and his safecracking parrots? Captain Absolutely got zapped with the Lirus, what on earth happened with that??? How about when the Orb of Order got crushed??


From an art perspective, Dennis Edwards is great. He’s a very experienced artist who knows the human figure well, perspectives and forms are great, my only complaint is what is termed ‘happy mistakes’ in the industry of television and film. His stylistic approach for Captain Absolutely uses and re-uses a small library of faces, probably because he didn’t have enough time to make everyone in the comic different. For many of the girls in the comic, it’s a single face with small adjustments, and of course different hair and skin tones. For the men, it is also a very small library of faces with small adjustments.
The environments and effects are great. That one issue with the black-and-white scene is really neat. The panel of Max King getting angry is stunning, though you can’t really see it because of the poor quality of the digital version of the comic.

My rating: 7/10

OK so that’s about it. Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or otherwise, leave them in the comments, or email us at! This is Kungfunaomi reminding you to come in and nerd out at Odysseynerds!




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