Trivia Tuesday Answers

Here are the answers to yesterdays Trivia Tuesday!

Matthew Parker

1. What are Matthew’s two main hobbies?

Answer: Tinkering with an assortment of objects and solving mysteries with Emily Jones.

2. What was the first episode that Matthew appeared in?

Answer: The Inspiration Station Part 1.

3. How many actors have played Matthew Parker?

Answer: Three. Zach Callision, Gunnar Sizemore, and Justin Felbinger.

4. What feature of Matthew’s did Grandma Lucia not like?

Answer: She didn’t like his long hair.

5. What did Matthew do to Vance when he was chosen as Vance’s target of the week?

Answer: Towards the end of a baseball game, Matthew cut the webbing on his baseball glove.

What was your score? Make sure to share them down in the comments. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns make sure to share them down in the comments or you can email them to us at This is Luke reminding you that Odyssey Nerds is the place to nerd out.


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