Album 63 Cover Revealed

Hey nerds! The album art cover for album 63 was revealed! Just saying Naomi was a bit right. She guessed that it would be of Wooton reaching out to Penny as she floats away in a air balloon. So kinda right?


This album cover looks awesome! And the album itself is gonna be awesome too! We are gonna get to hear B-TV Revenge, a Jones and Parker Mystery, an episode about Jules and Buck (EWWWWW), and last but not least we get to a mystery about Wooton’s memory and Penny! I am so excited! Her is a quick briefing on what the album will be about!

Things are definitely up in the air in Odyssey! First, Wooton Bassett returns from his honeymoon with two problems—Penny is missing and he’s lost his memory! While Whit, Connie, and Jason try to help Wooton find Penny, Buck Oliver rescues Jules from a crash course of disaster. And a mystery is solved only after Emily and Matthew’s friendship is threatened. You’ll learn the meaning of true friendship and integrity in six episodes of heart-changing, risk-taking adventure!

This is gonna be awesome! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns make sure to share them down in the comments or you can email them to us at This is Luke reminding you that Odyssey Nerds is the place to nerd out!


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