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Let’s face it… if you’re an Odyssey nerd, you probably can’t get enough of AIO. And since you can’t, you’ve probably read every single fanfiction there is to read.
But in case you haven’t, here’s a list of all the fanfiction that I know about. I rate them by what status the author is at, who the main characters are, and what rating the story gets (using the ESERB video game rating system,  E-M)

(Not listed in best-to worst order)

  1. David Hilder. Status: Inactive. Rating: E for Everyone. Link:
    David Hilder’s stories are well written slice-of-life stories, usually in a series. His stories include the Malachi Letters, a 5-part fanfiction series about Malachi writing letters to his superiors about Odyssey. Another story series is called the Lost Album 51 Stories, featuring people who disappeared after the album 50 hiatus. Another one of his story series features what it would be like 20 years after Album 58, called The Future, Today, though it is an unfinished series. In my personal opinion, Conversations and Colloquialisms is his best story, in which Connie and Eugene are having a conversation while at Whit’s End on a slow day.
  2. Destiny. Status: Inactive. Rating: E for Everyone
    Destiny seems to have had short-lived dreams of being a fanfiction author, writing only two chapters of a story called Moving On. Her focus is Connie’s feelings after Something Old, Something New. The readers can perhaps draw inspiration from this incomplete tale.
  3. Mariogeek. Status: (Well, um, it’s me, and I’m still writing) Rating: E10+ for Everyone 10 and up
    Link: (scroll to bottom to see stories), or right here on Odysseynerds!
    Mariogeek (me) is a relatively recent fanfiction newcomer, having only been around since August. My focus is on the Meltsners, particularly Eugene, being my favorite character. The latest complete a mystery featuring, Eugene, Buck, Richard Maxwell, and Monty Whittaker. I am currently working on a new one featuring more outlandish explosions and car chases, except I’m going to be bold kill off some characters this time. I gave a T rating to all of my stories so far, but I have given an E10+ rating here because there’s only a lot of action and explosions and stuff. And I’m a pretty bad writer so have fun! (And I’ve actually posted a few chapters of the latest one on the blog so look under the category In the Shadows.
  4. Ameraka, aka Evelyn Weibel. Status: Active. Rating: T for Teen-M for Mature
    Evelyn’s stories are gripping action/adventure/mystery/romance, written extremely well and within character. Her focus is Jason and Connie, and how they have a romance and eventually get married in this multi-story series. However, the T-M rating is richly deserved, there are vivid tales of gory torture (set in the aftermath of the Labyrinth 3-parter), tons of violent action, and sexual themes. However, all stories are written from a Christian viewpoint, so if you are old enough, these could be good stories to read. I personally don’t like that dark of a story so I haven’t read all of these through again, except for stories 1-4 or so.
  5. The Adventures in Odyssey fanfiction group. Status: Active. Rating: E-M
    The Adventures in Odyssey fanfiction group is founded and run by the author mentioned above, Evelyn Weibel. However, it includes many stories that were not written by Evelyn, many of them single and incomplete, written by authors who thought they were going to finish something, or finished a single fanfiction and never wrote another one. If you wish to pick through these, you might get some good reading out of it. The group also includes the stories written by Mariogeek.
  6. Hannah Morgan, AKA Penny Bassett. Status: Active. Rating: E for Everyone
    Hannah, though not the best writer, has some really great insight into Buck’s life and thoughts after coming to live with Eugene and Katrina. She has also written various other one-shots about the Meltsners, including what happened on the fishing trip between Eugene and Buck. Her fanfiction is definitely worth reading.
  7. Odyssey Scoop’s Chicken Soup section. Status: Inactive. Rating: E for Everyone
    There are some gems in here, particularly the episode scripts written by Daniel Sheets. I say the status is inactive, because it has never been updated for as long as I have known it existed.
  8. More of Hannah Morgan, AKA Penny Bassett. Status: Active. Rating: T for Teen Link:
    Update: If the first link doesn’t work try this one and click on “PennyBassett Fanfiction”
    She updates more often on the Odyssey Scoop Forum, and has some SERIOUS fanfictions going on here. They’re a little bit more mature so I put the T rating. If she ever posts these ones on her site then that rating will change too.
  9. Danielle, AKA Benedicthiddleston. Status: Active. Rating: T (because of language)
    Yet another obsession with Richard Maxwell. However, she is a REALLY good writer and her fanfiction about Richard dying in the hospital before Tom can forgive him is REALLY good.
  10. CandyKonall. Status: Active. Rating: E for Everyone
    She has only written one fanfiction, and it is relatively recent. Connie and Jason slight ship. Slight. Good stuff though.
  11. Mythaster. Status: Active. Rating: E for Everyone
    I hope you guys love Richard because he the fanfiction man! And here’s another one about Richard, more of a collection of one-shots really. One of them is funny and the other one is more emotional.
  12. GJFH. Status: Active. Rating: E10+
    GJFH has a new fanfiction called Time Bits in which the pasts of Odyssey’s denizens are explored! Check it out!
  13. The Classic AIO Fanfiction Group. Status: Active. Rating: E-T
    Author GJFH created a fanfiction group that includes some you haven’t seen yet!
  14. CaptainPrecious Fanfiction. Status: Inactive. Rating: E for Everyone
    The Odd in Odyssey was the failed Odysseynerds attempt to have a weekly fanfiction series. The first link contains four of those, and the second link has an additional short story.
  15. Yet more of Hannah Morgan, AKA PennyBassett. Rating: E for Everyone
    The Tom’s Funeral fanfiction was an Odysseynerds exclusive! We command you to cry!
  16. “Official Unofficial” Fanfiction by Nathan Hoobler, Kathy Buchanan, and others
    Rating: E for Everyone
    This is a large mishmash of archives from Clubhouse Magazine, the website, and others. There are some gems in here!
  17. Matchmaker Eugene, by Kathy Buchanan. Rating: E for Everyone
    For real, guys. This came out of a 2005 issue of Brio magazine, which was then uploaded onto a really old version of, which is where I got it.Here we go guys, 17 resources for Adventures in Odyssey fanfiction! I hope you enjoy, and remember to come in and nerd out on Odysseynerds!
  18. A Short Story, by Hope. Rating: E for Everyone
    It’s short so I will make my summary short. Connie is sad, Jason makes her happy.

25 thoughts on “Adventures in Odyssey Fanfiction

  1. Ha! I had no idea of this site, or that links to my stories are on here! Sorry for being so dark. but I write what i write. Thank you for the description though ! 🙂 🙂 I will have to check out what few stories I haven’t read, and see what else is on this site i just discovered!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I giggle because of your comment on my own fanfics (Danielle here!). Obsessed with Richard Maxwell and proud of it! But thank you for saying you liked my forgiveness fic where Richard dies before Tom can forgive him. I appreciate it 🙂

    And thanks for the round up of fanfic authors for AIO! I’ve read most of these, but there were at least two I had never read before. I struggle with wanting to write it all and then just wanting to read it all. Writer problems 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh gosh, I know. I’m not a writer so I generally just read everyone else’s over and over again and then come up with something random to post.
      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Yay, thanks again for putting it here!!! (I know I keep thanking you XD) I feel FAMOUS! 😂😂😂 Thats a pretty accurate description for my story, too, because I SHIP CONNIE AND JASON FOREVER. But I can’t write them actually in a relationship (trust me I’ve tried haha) so I stick to a cute friendship between them. 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes Connie and Jason forever! I had the opposite problem. I started writing them with just a friendship but it evolved into a romance! (now how effectively I wrote it is another story….)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know its so funny! like someone threw a snowball at Katrina and Eugene gets all mad and confronts them all, (Penny, Wooton, Jason and Connie) and while he does that, Katrina makes a snowball and throws it at Eugene and he’s like AHHHH! and so he joins Penny and Wooton’s team, and Katrina joins Connie and Jason’s team, and yeah. XD

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha! Um, I can either send it somewhere in an email… um… or… Yeah, I think thats the only way unless you want me to copy and paste it into a comment (which would be a VERY loooong comment) because I haven’t posted it on my blog.


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