More info on ALBUM 63!!!

Hey nerds!!! I’m getting super excited about the latest to be album, Up In The Air. We have even MORE details about the episodes and air dates but I know you want the good stuff first!

As you will remember, there’s going to be an episode called “Find A Penny”, in which Wooton comes back from his honeymoon without Penny, or his memory. This episode will be in fact a two-parter, written by Kathy Buchanan, and will begin the album. The confirmed characters include Jason, Whit, Wooton, Penny, and Connie.

The Jones & Parker case is titled “Friend Or Foe”, and will likely continue the “Morrie Rydell” arc. The only confirmed characters are Emily and Matthew. There’s no info on who wrote it, but my guess would be Bob Hoose, since he is taking over the ‘mystery department’.

Next, there’s an episode called “Have A Heart”. My conjecture is that it takes place at school, since the known characters in this episode are Buddy Norman, Zoe Grant, and Katrina Meltsner. I guess Buddy makes his debut into the “real world”. This episode is written by Marshal Younger.

And then there’s “B-TV: Revenge”. The confirmed characters are Whit, Connie, Eugene, Wooton, and Penny. It’s written by Sam Suksiri and Erin Chapman. Sam wrote the recent AIOC adventure “A Perfect Testimony”.

The season finale is the one everyone’s excited for. The Buck and Jules adventure is now titled “Crash Course”, and the summary is still “Buck Oliver rescues Jules from a crash course of disaster.” The confirmed characters are only Buck and Jules so far. No info on the writer. Let’s hope this is an awesome finale. They have my interest so far!!


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