Review of Unfair Game

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UPDATE: Marshal Younger wrote this episode, not Phil Lollar. My bad!

Dang, you guys! And I don’t mean dang you, I mean dang this was a cool episode! I surprisingly liked it because I rarely like anything if it doesn’t have Eugene in it, but this one was great!

OK so the one part I kind of have to make fun of, is Bob comes on at the very beginning and says “Here’s just one of the reasons it’s great to be a member of the Adventures in Odyssey Club.” And at that point I go… “I already know this.” What, are they trying to sell me on the fact that I need to stay?
No I get it, it’s for the benefit of the free trial people. “Here’s just one of the reasons it’s great to have a bunch of fake email addresses to take advantage of this two-week trial.”
OK on to the episode.

Has anyone noticed that Jason is now the man? The Lone Lawman, Drake the Cosmic Copper, To the Ends of the Earth, The Perfect Gift, Take it on Trust, and now Unfair Game? I have to wonder if it’s because Whit is too old to be doing this kind of stuff so they stick Jason in there instead? It’s also because Townsend Coleman has the best voice for the hero.

So Marvin Washington! YAAAAYYYYYY!! He just shows up again in the ‘fake world’ and he’s just there. Which is cool but what on earth happened in between then? Maybe this never happened because it’s the AIOC.
Kendre Berry’s voice nearly matches his age. For the entire episode I was imagining Marvin as like 20-25 years old, which made Ryan’s character seem 20-25, which made Riki’s character seem 20-25, which screwed up what I was supposed to be thinking, that these are a bunch of teens playing basketball. When Marvin was supposed to be ten, I was imagining him as 15. I guess it’s just his voice, but especially when he’s glowering after the fight and says “Yeah, coach.”. Definitely sounds older.

And then there’s Riki. His ridiculously played up accent and snarkiness just add to the charm of his character for some reason. I love the part where he says “Two points! Two points, yeahhhh!” And he says it like I do when you’re imagining screaming but it comes out really soft on purpose. If you got all that then woo. Mark Daugherty does a fun job with this character.

Andres’ accent sounds way fake. Carson Pak can’t help it, he’s a kid actor. But that sounds fake. I mean, what else do you do? A practical solution would be… nothing. You don’t do anything about it. It’s tough to nail an accent and that’s just something that comes with setting these episodes in foreign countries.

So they go to the slums looking for Riki, and then to Smoky Mountain. The guy showing Marvin around should be Ip Man and bust some Wing Chun and that would make this episode that much better. There is a reason I’ve never been hired for Odyssey.

Sweet, sweet Marvin tries to throw the game so that the Olympic Team coach will take Riki. I know what it’s like to be mad and ask someone to quit throwing their game but that was foam swords (A very eloquent sport btw), and so the tension with Riki and Marvin is pretty neat in the episode. The “Unfair Game” is also on Marvin’s part.

Why is it that Odyssey is using the word ‘angst’ lately? What, do they think that it’s going to relate to their audience? LOL that’s so angsty what kind of person thinks that relates to us smh


Jason was scoping out the hotel…
I miss our spy guy. It’d be more fun to have instances like that where he’s making everything a spy mission.

It’s fun to hear Marvin evangelizing. It’s just fun to hear Marvin in general.

OK and that was the end of the episode. Wait… it’s not the end until we listen to Chris tell us what we learned! And tell us all the awesome people that made this episode.
And so what we have learned applies to our lives today cuz’ God has a lot to say in His book!
And I can’t remember the rest of it. What kind of a Christian am I?????

So hooray! I liked this episode a lot, so I’ll finish our rating IGN style and rate everything I can think of then come up with the average from those.

Acting- 8.5- Good to see Kendre Berry again. Mark Daugherty’s intensified accent made his character all the better.
Plot- 8.6- Marshal Younger did a good job. Felt a little short (like a good episode always does because I don’t want it to end) and I wish we had seen more of Jason’s spy-side and wherever Marvin teleported from, or at least some reference to what his family is up to nowadays.
Sound Design- 9.0- A fantastic job as usual, and the basketball didn’t sound like it did with the episode “Cousin Albert”, the last time I can recall having such an episode.
Music- 7.5- Nothing caught my attention this time in particular but it didn’t overwhelm me like it (very rarely) has. However, I’ll probably listen to the scores album next year and realize it’s my favorite track like I usually do.

Overall rating- 8.4- Is that really the average?? Well, it fits I guess. I think I will defy math physics and make the overall rating an 8.6.


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Oh wait I remember it now. You see we know that God’s word is for everyone, and now that our song is done we’ll take a look.





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