List of Odyssey sites updated

Hey nerds! Some of you know about our extremely comprehensive list of other Odyssey sites, and guess what, it’s been updated again. I’ve included the new entries below, and you can also view them on the full list by clicking the link in this post or by going to our homepage and clicking the button on the far right.

I’ve added:

Playhouse of the Airwaves was a short-lived podcast that had, count em’, two whole episodes.

The Imagination Station was a forum that was super small and lasted for two years. It’s like a ghost town!

The Abby and Mandie Show actually seemed kind of popular in its day, and they had quite a bit to offer. A short-lived podcast, but quite a few videos of them acting out scenes of Odyssey around the 2012 era. Also some random stuff such as Jack Sparrow meets Agent Bourland. They have a link to the site that they moved to but it’s a bad link, unfortunately.

Growing up with Trent and Rudy (the Trent Show) This blog had a LOT of readers but mostly because they came up with questions to make people battle it out in the comments. There were AIO episode reviews but it was mostly a personal blog.

Regisville was a forum that was around in 09′ and was a bit more active than the Imagination Station.

Here’s actor Robby Bruce on Instagram




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