The Odyssey Times, Vol 1, Issue 8

Excerpts from the no-longer-existent feature called the Odyssey Times. Originally published around February 2002.

Yearly Sunshine Girl cookies sale ends

by Sarah Prachett
Student Reporter

The annual sale of treats by the Sunshine Girls ended yesterday with the group bringing in their largest number of boxes sold in years. The group sold around 56,000 boxes in Campbell County alone. County Sunshine Supervisor Whitney Blake says, “We’re very excited with this year’s tally! Our summer camps next year will be able to do some exciting things with the funds we’ve raised.”

The high numbers this year are attributed to the competition among the various divisions of the group. Prizes were given to the highest sellers in each chapter and a bonus prize to the chapter with the highest tally overall. The best selling chapter would be able to change their name to whatever they decided upon. The most intense rivalry was between chapters 4474 and 4744. “I couldn’t believe how many boxes those girls sold!” says Blake. “With the promise of a new name for their troop hanging in the balance, they seemed very determined.” On the final day of the cookie selling, it seemed a very close race between the two chapters. Finally, it looked like 4474 had won and it was all over. Then, a representative of 4744 said that the tally was too close in one of the townships near Connellsville and the boxes needed to be recounted.

The recount ended with chapter 4744 on top instead with a slim lead of 29 boxes. Chapter 4474 was not about to be beaten and noted that many of the ordering slips for the cookies were vague. People weren’t really sure which kind or how many cookies they were buying. They demanded that all the sheets be sent back to the cookie buyers to make certain they were accurate. “We decided not to allow that,” says Blake. “The recount was enough.”

With Chapter 4744 being the winner, they decided to use their name change prize to call their group Chapter 4774.


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