The Odyssey Times, Vol 1, Issue 8

Excerpts from the no-longer-existent feature called the Odyssey Times. Originally published around February of 2002.

Costumes stores report drop in sales over Halloween season

Odyssey costume stores have seen a dramatic loss of revenue from costume sales this year. “This has been our worst year ever,” says Dwight Farnsworth, owner of Costumes Unlimited. “We didn’t even sell half of our inventory.” Dwight attributes the drop in sales to alternative celebrations, such as the annual All Saint’s Day party at Whit’s End. Costume sales have always been a risky business, says Farnsworth. You have to guess in advance what people will want to get.

Farnsworth noted that this year there was a special interest in duck masks. “The popularity of that new show ‘Quacky the Duck’ is responsible, I think.” Cinderella masks have also been popular ever since they showed the movie at a recent Odyssey Middle School event. Farnsworth anticipated both of these buying trends, but missed another.

“I should have bought Pocket Animal masks from that card game and cartoon,” he says. “Kids came in here looking for Pikaboo and Sneezing masks, but I had gotten less valuable Geobabe and Teasing masks. Oh, well. I’ll know next year.”

Zappazoids still most popular video game in Odyssey

by Jerry Phillips
Times Staff Writer

The most popular video game of ten years ago remains the most popular video game today. Super Zappazoids 3 remained at the top of Odyssey children’s wish list for the upcoming holiday season. The video game involves evil slime-zoids from the planet Zapp that invade our solar system and wreck havoc.

“It’s incredible that a game can have that kind of staying power,” says Jonathan Jorg, a clerk in the video game section of Greenblat’s Department Store. “The title has sold more games than many others put together.”

Jorg attributes one of the selling points of the game to its continual updating. “To stay up to date on the game, you have to keep getting the latest version. Every few months, they’ll come out with one that’s just slightly better and everyone has to upgrade.”

Years ago, Super Zappazoids 3.7 included new features such as turbo thrusters, hydraulic drive, and bionic overload that version 3.6 didn’t include. This was one of the biggest updates ever to the software. Current versions of the software usually only include small changes. For example, the only change in the latest version of the game (Zappazoids 3.9293) over the previous version (Zappazoids 3.9292) was the addition of an extra star on level 12. Other recent updates have included added “power ups” in level 26 and interplexing beacon hidden in level 4.


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