The Odyssey Times, Vol 1, Issue 8

Excerpts from the no-longer-existent feature called the Odyssey Times. Originally published around February of 2002.

Holstein’s books to host signing for author

by Landon Noland
Odyssey Times Reporter

Holstein’s Book Shop announced on Thursday that they would be holding an autograph signing session for Heimlich Guenter-Wendt. Fred Holstein announced the book signing at tearful press conference at his shop.

“Heimlich was my favorite author when aging older. My mother would take me under wing and read me his stories until bedtime. His father would inscribe books as well. He is, how you say, a piece off the old blockhead.”

While Guenter-Wendt’s books are not well-known in America, Holstein is doing what he can to change that. Holstein said that the book signing would he prepare a special batch of his home-cooked sausages. Holstein said he expects a big crowd for the event.


Whit’s End announces Imagination Station programs

by Dale Jacobs
Times Editor

John Avery Whittaker announced that for the entire month of the December, the Imagination Station at Whit’s End will be programmed with all the Christmas adventures from the past years. “The Christmas programs usually prove to be among our most popular,” said Whittaker. “I hope that the kids will be able to experience a Christmas adventure for the first time or go back to one of the programs they enjoyed before.”

Whittaker named four programs that will be available. The first is the “Back to Bethlehem” program that allows the user to experience the first Christmas, including the story of the birth of the baby Jesus and the visit of the shepherds. The second program is “The Star,” which is the “sequel” to the original Christmas program. “That’s a pretty unique program,” said Whittaker. “It’s the only time we’ve ever done a direct sequel to an Imagination Station program. The original program proved so popular that we wanted a way for users to experience more of the Christmas story with the same characters, including the fictional ones we had added to our version of the Christmas story.”

The other two programs, “A Time for Christmas” and “Christmas Around the World” do not deal directly with the Christmas story, but deal with Christmas throughout history and Christmas as it is celebrated in other cultures. “I remember we first programmed ‘Christmas Around the World’,” said Whittaker. “I think that we tested the limits of the Station by putting four people in there at the same time. Eugene, Tom, Sam, and Erica all went.”

The Imagination Station is the most popular attraction at Whit’s End and has seen hundreds of users over the years. “I feel that God has really blessed us here at Whit’s End,” said Whittaker. “We’ve been able to show kids, and even some adults, Biblical truth through many ways. And the primary reason we do what we do is because the Bible is so important to our lives as Christians, both for kids and adults.”


2 thoughts on “The Odyssey Times, Vol 1, Issue 8

  1. Hey there is an Easter egg ok there! The Imagination Station program “Christmas Around The World” used to be an AIO episode! But they removed it for some reason?


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