Here’s when Album 63 will come out

Hey nerds! I’ve noticed that many of you visit this site looking for the answer to the burning question: When will album 63 come out? Well, wait no more, because of my awesome WordPress data collection system, I can spy on you and find out what you are looking for, and here is the answer:

Album 63: Up in the Air will release in the ADVENTURES IN ODYSSEY Club on July 13th. That’s the subscription service that costs ten dollars a month, and you will get the album early that way.
OR you could wait until the digital download comes out, which will come out in AUGUST.
And finally, you could always wait until the CD comes out in SEPTEMBER.

And as always, Odysseynerds will have reviews FULL of spoilers out after the album comes out in the AIOC, so if you can’t wait until September, you can always drop by and get your fill of spoilers until then.

Questions or comments? Drop them in the comments below or send us an email at! This is Kungfunaomi reminding you to come in and nerd out at Odysseynerds!


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