Hey nerds! We have a new fanart submission from yours truly, I am reposting it from my drawing blog to here to save time. It will also be in the Gallery.

destiny to draw

I haven’t posted in a while, because while I am still drawing for 5+ hours a day, I just haven’t done anything I think that’s worth posting on the blog. Practice. All practice and experiments and learning. is helping a ton, and I got published in Clubhouse Magazine again so that’s fun.

So actually, I have this step-by step thing again, one that I haven’t done in awhile. My friends keep asking for one so here you go Luke and Evelyn.

Step 1: Since I’m just playing around with Gary Locke’s original artwork, I figure I should just go ahead and start with the gesture. Playing around with why Gary made the energy the way he did.

12Step 3: Height chart. A realistic human is 6-8 heads tall, heroes in comic books are always 8. I choose 8 just because I think Eugene is tall.

3Step 4: Sketch in…

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