The Odyssey Times, Vol 1, Issue 8

Excerpts from the no-longer-existent feature called the Odyssey Times. Originally published around February of 2002.

Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor,

As a reader of the newspaper, I know that I can usually expect high quality news. In fact, reading newspapers are generally my favorite part of our tours. But when a paper prints a biased, unfounded, untrue, disgraceful piece of so-called journalism, I feel I have to write in.

The article I’m referring to is the so-called “investigative” piece looking into why Starlights on Ice cancelled their performances last week. The article insinuated that the reason that the skaters didn’t perform was because their excellent lead skater, Nancy Sheridan wasn’t happy with her make-up. Well, I can assure you that my make-up person here in Odyssey was positively my favorite part of the tour and it had nothing to do with that.

The reason we cancelled was just as we stated: the Odyssey Civic Center was mistreating Zamboni® drivers. The job that those workers do in making the ice shine cannot be under-estimated! They have got to be my favorite part of the tour and if they are not being properly paid for their trouble, we need to do something about it. And we did. So there.

                  Your favorite reader,
Nancy Sheridan, Starlights on Ice

Dear Editor,

I am writing in to protest your decision to stop printing your Sunday comics section. Not only does this decision hurt every member of the Odyssey community, it is a disgrace to the newspaper.

Each week, children and adults around Odyssey await the comics section as a source of intellectual stimulation. The bright colors and quick wit humor are an inspiration to everyone who lays eyes on them. I don’t know what thought went into this verdict, but it was incredibly flawed. Kindly start printing the comics again before the citizens of Odyssey run out of things to talk about.

                  Yours truly,
                  Kathy McDonald


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