In the Shadows Chapter 4

Hey nerds! In case you missed it, I’m writing a fanfiction and yeah. Most of you know all this already. In case you don’t, you can read chapter 1 here: In the Shadows chapter 1

Other than that, click on this post to read chapter 4!

Eugene pulled the door of the car shut, an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach. The man giving them a ride back to the hotel seemed nice enough. But even Regis Blackgaard was a nice guy when it suited him.
He buckled his seat belt, trying to shrug off his mentality of everyone is a bad guy. Gosh, he had never had it when he needed it. Why obtain it now? At least the briefcase was in the trunk.
He eyed his benefactor as he heavily slid into the plush driver’s seat. No harm in a precaution, I suppose. Eugene cleared his throat. “May I be graced with your surname, sir?” Too late, he regretted saying anything.
The baldheaded character stopped for a split second, making up his mind. “Eh…” He looked in his mirror as Richard climbed into the backseat.
His hesitation passed to Eugene. What is this individual hiding? He put his hand on the handle of the door. Don’t wait too long.
The man let his foot off the brake and the car began to roll forward along the side of the highway.
“Oh, give me a break.” Richard chimed in from the back seat. “Tell him your name, Enforcer, and don’t say it like you’re a pig in a suit, huh?” Richard sniffed, leaning his head against the window. He was playing this game dangerously, and things weren’t going as planned. He felt the need to insult someone to keep his head in the round.
Meanwhile, Eugene was contemplating the fact that the hairless and perhaps spineless man had just locked the doors. Richard obviously knows this fellow, he reflected.
“All right,” the man grunted, taking one of his giant hands off the steering wheel, “It’s Charles. Bennett Charles.” He said each word as if it was a sculpture, reveling in Eugene’s panicked expression. He slowed the car down again, and pulled the parking break. “Now’s as good a time as any.”
Eugene was fumbling with the door lock when Charles leveled his pistol at him. Oh, brilliant, I should not have waited. He glanced back at Richard to see if he would do anything, but to his dismay saw that Richard was also holding a pistol, and he wasn’t pointing it at Charles.
Charles cocked his pistol and looked casually down the sights. “Richard, go get the briefcase.”
“On it, Cap.” Richard popped open the passenger’s side door and slid out of the conveyance, leaving his Saturday-night special on the seat. OK, OK, I’ve had worse days, you know? He warily watched the passing cars, only a few feet away. Any one of those semis plowing into the car would certainly kill them all. He walked to the trunk and pulled the hatch handle. Charles is so predictable sometimes. At least I finally will have him off my back for a few hours. The silver briefcase was ready to fall out of the trunk, Richard caught it and experimentally ran his hand over the old combination lock. He would have to pick it without Charles noticing.
Slipping his pocketknife out of his sweatshirt, he inserted it between the lock and the briefcase. Jiggling it a few times, the lock worked itself loose, and Richard pushed up on it, quietly clicking it open. “Give me a sec, dude.”
A metal key lay nestled inside, along with papers explaining what it was. Richard plucked the intricate key out, slipped it in his pocket, and re-sealed the briefcase, all within a matter of seconds.
Charles watched in masked elation as Richard brought the coveted briefcase with him into the back passenger’s seat. “Exactly what we need. Our superiors will be delighted!”
Richard glanced at the case for the last time as he handed it up to the driver’s seat. “Just remember who gets the credit. We’re equals, you remember.”
Charles shrugged an affirmation and sighted Eugene’s forehead with the pistol. “Now, to get rid of him.” He clicked off the safety.
Richard confidently put a hand out, and gently pushed Charles’ firearm down. “Hey, hey.” He looked over at Eugene, wishing that his plan had been executed better. Not exactly the way I wanted this to go. “He’s not such a bad pawn. Leave him to me, as a thank-you. Besides, you don’t want to get your car messy.”
Charles indifferently withdrew his pistol. “Fine.” He returned his gun to its former place under the seat and brought the car out of park. “I’ll drop you off at your hotel.”


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