Review of Swept Away, Part 1

Warning. Contains spoilers and memes and was written literally five minutes after I heard it for the first time. Click the “Continue Reading” button to continue.

BAHAHA I have this goofy grin on my face like I get when I really liked something. I just gotta say in the beginning, thanks Nathan Hoobler, actors, and Jonathan Crowe because this was pretty darn good here.

So I’m just gonna go through this in the order in which it happens in the episode, I am listening to the episode a second time as I write the review, I listened to it the first time with no interruptions five minutes ago.

First. The trumpet. I heard this and I was like, AWWWWW THIS IS GONNA BE COOL. It just puts a really solemn tone on this episode that almost made me wonder if someone dies right off or something. No, I’m kidding. I don’t expect anyone to die.


So here’s my first trying to make this article comedic moment, “Oh, Jeremy.” JEREMY!!? I’m sitting here, thinking the world has already died because of the trumpet and you throw JEREMY at me??
And Jeremy sounds like Derk Begs. It’s him, isn’t it! Why do you have to torture poor Jerk Begs by giving him the name Jeremy and then sticking him with a kid and having him deliver the line “mud” so very solemnly!?
OK enough about poor Jeremy. I have to come up with things to complain about to keep this article interesting!

We have a looonnng oration by Ted Humphries. It’s good to see him again. I actually have watched the Mary Tyler Moore show and I can’t think about Ted Humphries without thinking about Ted Baxter.
He interviews Mr. Whittaker, and I just have to ask, does Mr. Whittaker literally dabble in volunteer work? What’s next, Whit? Volunteering at the pregnancy resource center?
Maybe he just gets bored with one charity and moves on to another one every couple months.
Hooray for Convoy of Hope! That’s what the episode is actually about anyway. But wait- they hand out “you name it?” OK! Doughnuts, gold, caviar- don’t say “you name it” to me, Whit, I’ll take you up on that offer. And I can come in and pick it up whenever I need! Woooo!

Ted Humphries: “Why hasn’t the town of Odyssey been affected?”
Me: “Because that was the dramatic twist we were waiting until the episode for, stupid. DON’T YOU KNOW EVERYTHING IN ODYSSEY HAS A DRAMATIC ENTRANCE!?”
And then Ted says he’s going to talk to a “local historian”, and I’m sitting there for the split second when we don’t know who it is, thinking “NO. You did NOT just call Eugene a historian. Don’t let it be Eugene, no, no, no!”
Annnnd it’s Eugene. I don’t know, but that seems like Eugene would have something to do with that statement. I mean, like saying he is the historian, but I thought he had character development and was more humble than that. He wasn’t the one who found out all this stuff anyway! Wasn’t it Whit? I guess what I’m trying to say is that the “historian” part of it seemed out of place.
And blah blah blah. Land that Stinks Like Swamp. Here’s the other part of the story that seems awfully convenient, besides Whit being everywhere at the most convenient times. Since when does Trickle Lake have a dam? I woulda thought this would have made an awfully nice piece of battleground in the past with Dr. Blackgaard and all, and we only hear about it now? Fact is, Nathan wrote it in for this episode. How convenient. But it makes sense, it really does. That’s why we no longer have all the swamp water flooding Odyssey, I was thinking about that. Now I’m just asking for it to show up in the future now that we know it exists.

The rumbling of the rain and the sound of the radio as Eugene is in his car, AWESOME job, Jonathan Crowe. What a great mix.
Eugene: “Ohhh, listening to oneself on the radio is an exercise in utter humility.”
Me: “Ikr!!!!!”

The part where Spencer taps on the car window, and Eugene totally flips out, love the sound effect of Eugene like shrinking away from the window. Could totally see it.

And we get Connie and Penny trying to solicit a donation from Mrs. Kramer. Mrs. Kramer seemed a little off her game with the insults, just flat-out rude. But I think that maybe it just takes Wooton to make her a funny character, with anyone else she’s flat-out rude.
I was so worried that when Connie mentioned going to the Jones’ house that we were actually going to have a scene with them in it. But oh, good, never happened.

Aha! So Eugene actually does know someone he’s not introduced to on the show! Bryson. I was noticing lately, just listening through the old episodes, Eugene is always introduced in the episode to whoever it is before he begins to work with them. In this episode, he just knows the guy, and we don’t get an explanation of who this one-shot character is, or whatever. It makes the episode seem more realistic to me.

I haven’t heard Bob Smithouser yet.

HAHAHA Wooton modeled a walrus after Whit! XD XD XD Other than that, what a nice scene. Wooton is like, growing up in his own way. I assume this is after Album 63 because he and Penny have moved into their house now.

“They called me Big Kicks Hicks in my college soccer days.” Oh gosh, another great thing. What a great line. And then Eugene and Spencer are trying to fix it, and Eugene is getting less and less ‘funnily’ freaked out, and more and more realistically freaked out. At this point I’m going, yeah! Let’s have the whole thing burst! The sound designers would hate you forever!

Awright let’s get everybody out wooooooo! The sirens in the background, lightning, rain. Wooton and Penny on the phone was another great scene. Wooton is grabbing stuff out of his house before they leave. And then Connie and Penny are trying to get Mrs. Kramer out of her house, so desperately that Penny gives Mrs. Kramer her car. How sweet. But Mrs. Kramer says that “you’re getting all excited over nothing,” is she right? I have to wonder if this episode will be climatic in the dam bursting, that would be fun. And the car alarm in the background sounded so good that I took off my headphones to make sure it wasn’t the one in the driveway.
“Optimist” and “Pessimist” the dogs. Wow.

Are you seriously telling me that the entire city has to be shut down before you can shut down the dam power, before you can reboot the computer? Is this a realistic scenario? It sounds so complicated, but stupid enough that it could be a realistic thing.

Wooton and Whit get out to direct traffic. This is starting to get suspenseful. So now they are outside, Connie and Penny are inside Connie’s garage. This was also a awesome scene. Penny keeps trying not to panic, Connie tells her not to, the banter about the panic was some of the best writing I’ve heard for these two characters together. Don’t panic! Yes panic! No, yes, ahhhh!! And the acting was superb, just trying to keep calm and then oh yeah now we are gonna panic. Especially Penny’s voice seemed shaky.

So now we have Wooton and Whit out in the middle of Odyssey directing traffic, Connie and Penny stuck in a basement, and Eugene and the Mayor right next to the dam, trying to get it fixed. The suspense is building. However, following the pattern of Odyssey episodes, I have to realize that it will probably not burst, and then yay a happy ending. However, I have to wonder if it WILL burst, and then we get lots about Convoy of Hope now. So…… I don’t know.

Final ratings:

Acting: 8.5, good with all the main characters, Jeremy& Co were a little unconvincing.
Plot: 8.8, it seems pretty convenient but overall convincing and very interesting.
Sound Design: 9.4, what a great way to handle things!
Music: 8.4, I enjoyed the solemn tones and the trumpet in the beginning.
Overall rating: 8.775/10

So, that’s it. This is a pretty awesome episode that I am looking forward to the second part, it didn’t feel too short, not too long, and I think I will be satisfied until next month.

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