Cite your sources

Hey guys! So I apologize because I learned in school today that you have to cite the sources that you get your news otherwise it’s plagiarism. So, just to clarify, we rarely have the “exclusive” on anything, and we get most of our news from the following things: is where we get all of our “Odyssey Times” features etc., they are specifically at this link: The Odyssey Times

AIOWiki is where I get the bulk of the news. Covers released early, Album 63 episodes, etc.  is where the other bulk of our news comes from.

The AIO Fan page on Facebook isn’t a huge part of it but that’s where I got the news about the Legacy podcast.

AIO Update doesn’t actually update much but I do get some stuff from them.


So, thanks guys for bearing with me, I hadn’t actually done any kind of news reporting until last December so I’m still learning the ropes. Again, I apologize to anyone who hasn’t been cited and I’ll do that from now on.


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