Official Podcast news!

All right, guys, we have a producer Q and A from the Official podcast!

Will Becky, Tom’s sister, become a regular character? She will be in an AIOClub exclusive episode Angels in Horsehair.

What about Charlotte, Whit’s step-sister? Yes, we will get an episode with her! Whooohooo!!!!! They say “Lots of neat, neat, background stuff. [For Whit]”

When will Album 63 be on the radio? October 7th will start airing.

What’s in Album 63? A new B-TV called B-TV: Revenge. They are working on yet another B-TV even as we speak?

Are Wooton and Penny gonna be back in the future albums? Yes they will. They are in Album 63 and we will get to hear their honeymoon adventures.

And then my question on Crash Course, the finale for Album 63. It is a LITERAL AND FIGURATIVE crash course, and they hint at the fact that someone is learning to drive, and it was written by Kathy Buchanan.

2 of the Blackgaard Chronicles book series will be released later this year.

A new villain for Whit? They hint at Morrey Rydell’s position as a villain.

What is the name of the live show that’s going to be performed on the Focus on the Family cruise? They don’t know. Phil is still writing it.

All right, nerds! You can see all this and additional questions by listening to the podcast at this link or embedded below!


Source: The Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast


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