The Odyssey Times, Vol 1, Issue 9

Excerpts from the no-longer-existent feature called the Odyssey Times. Originally published around February of 2002.


Latest BTV is not to be missed


by Alex Jefferson
Student Reviewer


Must see
Very good
Avoid at all costs
Pay not to see
None Give up television for a year on the chance that you might actually stumble upon this program

The locally produced variety show BTV is always among the favorites each week in the ratings and this latest episode shows why-it’s a fun and exciting romp that uses familiar topic for great story-telling.

The show begins at noisy Foufou’s Obedience School where Bernard tries to get Connie to be obedient by telling her to “roll over,” “sit up,” and “play dead.” Bernard makes the point that some people don’t want to be obedient. Then we’re quickly off to our first Bible story, called, appropriately enough, “Moses and the Goofball.” It’s a cute look at how obeying rules is very important.

Next we have an interview between Connie and Mr. Foufou. At first it was odd because Connie is doing a “Candid Conversation with Connie,” something that she usually does on the radio. Soon, however, it turns into a fun interview with the truly interesting Mr. Foufou.
Finally it’s time for the first longer sketch of the show and it’s a two-part one about Gideon. The first part has an Israelite pestering Gideon about the number of people in their army while the second part is an “Ancient World of Sports” broadcast. The second part is definitely the more creative of the two, but both segments have some good moments, including nearly the entire Israelite army running away in fear and a reporter trying to get a word with a screaming person fleeing.

Then it’s time for an exciting and humorous telling of the story of Naaman, with lots of great lines and a perfect performance of Edwin Blackgaard as Naaman (he even perfectly hides his English accent). The story is interrupted once to bring us a game show that sounds suspiciously familiar. The best part about the game show is its exciting music and fast-paced sound effects.

One minor complaint about BTV: Obedience is that it uses exclusively Bible stories to make its points. Bible stories are excellent on BTV, but aren’t there any non-Bible stories that could have been used as well? (Look how the “Marty the Shoe-maker” story was used on BTV: Compassion.)

Minor points aside, this is an excellent BTV. Be sure to watch it with your family. (Unless you’re very sensitive to loud shows all the barking might get on your nerves.)


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