The Odyssey Times, Vol 1, Issue 9

Excerpts from the no-longer-existent feature called the Odyssey Times. Originally published around February of 2002.

Next Odyssey video to have more adventure than ever

PHOTO: Dylan and Sal are in a web of danger in the next Odyssey video.

On Kids Radio last week, Dylan Taylor interviewed Billie Owens, the actor who played him in the upcoming Odyssey video. The video is the latest in the Adventures in Odyssey series, loosely based on the events of our town. Here we feature the transcript of that interview.

Dylan Taylor: Hi, Billie. Thanks for joining us.

Billie Owens: It’s good to be here, Dylan.

DT: So, let’s start with the important stuff, Billie. Just what was it like playing me?

BO: To tell you the truth, Dylan, Dylan has always been my favorite part to play. He’s an interesting character with a lot of depth to him. I’ve been playing the part for fifteen videos now, so I’m really getting to know the character.

DT: Why don’t you tell our audience about the kind of research you did for this movie?

BO: Every time I play Dylan Taylor, I spend some time talking to you, getting insight on what your life is really like so I can play you accurately.

DT: And I must say that you’ve done an excellent job being me.

BO: Thank you.

DT: Now, let’s talk about this latest video. You get into some pretty scary situations. Can you tell our audience what it’s about?

BO: Oh, it’s a great video, Dylan! This one focuses on a Room of Consequence adventure using a video game. It’s a great action-adventure with a lot of heart to it. The audience will get to see what it’s like to play a video game from the inside.

DT: That’s cool. Now, I have the cover to the video here with me. What is this a picture of?

BO: That’s me on a hang-glider being attacked by the Insectoids. They’re one of the villains in the story.

DT: One of the villains?

BO: Yes. There is another villain, but I can’t talk to you about him. I don’t want to give anything away. But, getting back to that cover, aren’t you glad that I’m on it again?

DT: Hmmm?

BO: Do you realize that they didn’t even show me on the last Odyssey video cover? I’m the star of the series and they didn’t even show me. That’s the only video cover that’s ever happened on.

DT: Really?

BO: Oh, and why do they always have to show me with my mouth open. It makes it look like I’m screaming all the time.

DT: I don’t know. Well, it looks like that’s all the time we have for today. Our guest has been Billie Owens, who plays me in the upcoming Odyssey video being released February 1st. Thanks for being with us, Billie.


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