Avery Awards forecasting

Hey nerds! I’m Bob Booth here in the booth (not really) forecasting for the Avery Awards!! In case you forgot, or weren’t aware, or something, Odysseynerds is conducting their own private survey on the Avery Awards at this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HTQHYWH

Based on the responses, here’s the forecast for the Avery Awards so far: (May be completely wrong, this is totally just for fun).

So far, votes for the best actress have been pouring in! All two of them! The winner so far is Shona Kennedy as Jules Kendall.

The forecast for best actor is still Robby Bruce as Buck Oliver! We’ll see if he goes home with that shiny trophy!

The “Best Scene” award is tied so far, with half the votes (meaning 1 vote) for the scene in Old Tricks where Eugene and Katrina confront Buck about his deception, and the other half of the votes (meaning the other vote) for the scene in Connie the Counselor where Eugene and Connie talk about embarrassing moments.

The episode that had the best sound design is also tied, but I think I can safely say that the Avery Award winner will be Legacy, Parts 1&2 when it comes down to it. Currently Old Tricks is tied with that one, but based on past research, the season finale will win most of the awards.

What was the best song in Legacy? Well, again, based on research, Some Little Corner of the World will steal the 1st place win. In the survey, I made this a multiple choice so there’s actually three answers to this, but based on the fact that Some Little Corner of the World was much publicized by the Adventures in Odyssey Club, it’s safe to say that it will come in first.

Connie the Counselor is in first place for the Best Script award, meaning Kathy Buchanan may well be going home with a shiny trophy.

Who was the best comical pair of characters? I can safely say that the winners will be in the Wise-Bassett family. Frank and Eleanor have half the votes, while Wooton and Penny have the other half! Based on past research, Wooton and Penny will go home with that award.

What was the best overall episode? Well, so far the results are tied between Old Tricks and Legacy. Again, based on past research, Legacy will get the award because it’s the season finale.


And because our research was just based on all two votes, that means we need YOUR input! Your votes will literally change the forecast, because if you are the third vote it will hold a sway of about 33.3333333 percent. Take the survey!

This is Kungfunaomi reminding you to come in and nerd out at Odysseynerds!



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