The Odyssey Times, Vol 1, Issue 10

Excerpts from the no-longer existent feature called The Odyssey Times.

Kid’s Court of Whit’s End open again

John Avery Whittaker recently conducted another session of Kids’ Court in Whit’s End, this time with the honorable Judge Connie Kendall presiding. Kendall was charged with finding the guilty party in the case of a broken window at Whit’s End.

The case began with a scene of mass confusion at Whit’s End. Kendall came upon the seeming culprits just as they arguing amongst themselves about the window. Rodney Rathbone, Alex Jefferson, and Sarah Prachett are the likely suspects and they were all pointing fingers. “Whit decided the only way to solve this case would be to have a court,” says Kendall. “Then he decided that I should be the judge.” Robert Mitchell, a local youth, was given the job of bailiff.

Testimony began with Rodney Rathbone. After some courtroom theatrics, Rathbone claimed he saw Alex hitting baseballs in front of Whit’s End. He also called Mitchell as a character witness, which seemed to confuse the entire courtroom.

Jefferson, meanwhile, maintained his innocence and called Whittaker and Prachett to the stand to support him. While Jefferson was cross-examining Mitchell, it was discovered that Prachett actually was at Whit’s End earlier than she pretended to be, which threw some suspicion on her. Final statements followed and court went into recess.

“I’ll have to admit that it wasn’t easy,” said Kendall. “I had to think about it for a little bit.” Kendall returned with her verdict. Alex Jeffersonnot guity. Rodney Rathbonenot guilty. And Sarah Prachettnot guilty. The crowd gathered reacted strongly, but Kendall finally named the guilty partyJohn Avery Whittaker. He had broken the window while he was sweeping.

Kendall said the primary piece of evidence that led her to the verdict was that the glass was found outside the window, implying that whoever broke it was inside. With all the facts in order, the case was closed and Whit’s End returned to soda shopuntil the next case will arise.


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