The Odyssey Times, Vol 1, Issue 10

Excerpts from the no-longer-existent feature of called The Odyssey Times.

Novacom opens Novacom Kids Center

Novacom Broadcasting officially opened the doors on its latest enterprise-the Novacom Kids Center-last week. The Kids Center incorporates a wide variety of Novacom programming into interactive displays and attractions. “Kickboxing Kids,” “Space Wars,” and “The Rex Files” all had displays related to them. Manager Ricky Mullens expressed pride in the new venture. “This will be a great opportunity for kids to just come and enjoy themselves. We’re very proud that children are going to be provided with such a high-quality entertaining environment.”

The name of the center will change in the next few weeks as the Center conducts a “Name Game” contest. Participating children who visit the center can submit their suggestions on names for the place. “We’re anticipating a lot of creativity on the contest and hope that the children have fun thinking up monikers for our place,” said Mullens, general manager of Novacom.

Some parents don’t like the “high intensity” and fast action of the games at the Kids Center, while others have commented how similar the place is to Whit’s End. John Whittaker, owner of Whit’s End, wouldn’t comment specifically on the Kids’ Center, but said that he didn’t see competition as a bad thing. “Competition can really help business and I think that the Novacom Center may force us to re-think Whit’s End,” said Whittaker.


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