Avery Awards Forecasting

*Opening thriller news music*

Hey nerds! Following our continuous forecasting of the hot topic of the year, the Avery Awards, comes a new broadcast live to you in the television booth! To everyone else, this broadcast may be off a few hours.

Let’s take a look at the latest and greatest stats, brought in by all four of you viewers! Keep em’ coming, folks! This may rapidly and dramatically change until we find out the official results!

So far, Kimmy Robertson and Katie Leigh are struggling to catch up to the current leader for best actress, Shona Kennedy! Shona will most likely take away the trophy, according to previous research.

Jess Harnell and Andre Stojka are also tied, stuck behind the leader for best actor, Robby Bruce! According to research, there may be a stunning upset and Jess Harnell take the trophy, but Robby Bruce is still in the lead!

The contenders for Best Scene may end up being Wooton and Wellington playing good cop and bad cop, according to the numbers! It’s pretty close to call!

The song Some Little Corner of the World is by far taking the numbers! It’s going to win, no doubt, for the contending of Best Song!

And again, there’s no doubt that Connie the Counselor is going to win with best script, it’s leading with 75% of the vote!

The best comical pair of characters that are winning the polls are Wooton Bassett and Penny Wise! They will probably win the Averys, folks!

So far, in a surprising upset, the leader in the polls for Best Overall Episode is A Very Bassett Wedding! Considering it was the season finale of Album 61, and season finales have a tendency to win, it will probably win the Averys! If it doesn’t, Legacy still has a chance, being the other season finale!


So that’s it, nerds! Stay tuned since the REAL Avery Awards will probably be happening this Wednesday! Until then, this is Kungfunaomi reminding you to come in and nerd out at Odysseynerds!

*Closing thriller news music*



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